How to Send Diamonds to Another Mobile Legends Account, Is Easy as Pie!

Send Diamonds to Another Mobile Legends Account

Do you want to send ML diamonds to another account but don’t know how to do it? Take it easy because we will share how to send ML diamonds to other accounts easily and effectively.

There are several methods you can try and one by one we will discuss through this article. Many people have tried it and proven successful until now.

For those curious about how to send Diamond Mobile Legends to other accounts or friends’ accounts, please refer to the complete discussion below!

How to Send Mobile Legends Diamonds to Other Accounts

How to Send Mobile Legends Diamonds to Other Accounts

Now gift diamond Mobile Legends many ways can be through top-up sites or directly from within the game. For each method, please see and follow the following discussion!

1. Gift Diamond Mobile Legends Through ID

The fastest and most effective way to send ML diamonds to other accounts can be through the top-up method. You only need to know the Mobile Legends account ID. After that, open a trusted mobile legends top-up site, select the nominal diamond you want to send, pay, and finish.

Only in a matter of seconds, the diamonds will immediately enter. We recommend using this method if you want to be fast. Of course, the diamonds are legal as long as you top up on a trusted or trusted site.

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2. Send Diamond ML via Live Streaming

There is an alternative way that you can also use to send ML diamonds to a friend’s account in the game directly. That is through the Live Streaming feature. The method is as follows!

  • Ask your friend’s account to live stream ML gameplay.
  • You Watch the Live
  • Please Give a Gift or a Gift
  • Gifts sent to other accounts
  • Done

The prizes themselves that you can send, there are several kinds, such as:

  • Airplane equivalent to 5000 Diamond Mobile Legends
  • Yacht equivalent to 1000 Diamond Mobile Legends
  • Roadster equivalent to 250 Diamond Mobile Legends
  • Jewelry equivalent to 6 Diamond Mobile Legends
  • Flower equivalent to 2 Diamond Mobile Legends

So those are two powerful ways that you can do to send dm ml to other accounts or friends’ reports. How very easy is it? Please do it right now!

Tips for Choosing a Diamond Mobile Legends Top-Up Site

A little additional information for you, Gemskul will also share some tips so that you can choose a top-up site that is legal, safe, and reliable. Here are some tips!

1. Choose a Famous Platform

If you want to top up a site on the Internet, you have to look for a famous platform. Usually when you type the keyword top up diamond mobile legends that appear at the top are the most trusted and trusted.

2. Look at the Selling Price

Usually, the selling price of diamonds whose top-up platform is legal and trusted will not differ much from the price in the game. Be suspicious of Mobile Legends diamond sellers who sell at low rates.

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It could be an illegal diamond. Of course, this will be dangerous for you and potentially subject to punishment from Moonton. We recommend that you be careful and check the selling price too!

3. Using the Marketplace

Now many Marketplaces provide mobile legends top-up services. You can use the famous marketplace to top up. Of course, it is legal and trusted, also the price is already with additional taxes.

4. Using E-Wallet

E-Wallets such as Gopay, OVO, or DANA also have features to top up Mobile Legends. This is an official and safe platform. The diamonds you buy are legal and won’t cause any problems in the future!

5. Avoid Buying From DM Sellers Via Login

Sometimes some sellers sell Mobile Legends diamonds through the login method. It’s best to avoid it because it’s quite dangerous. Also, be suspicious of who knows the seller is using illegal methods used to top up his mobile legends diamonds.

So those are some tips from us if you want to choose a legal, safe, and reliable Mobile Legends Top-Up site. Please always remember and pay attention!


Well, that’s a complete explanation of how to send ML Diamonds to another account from Timeture. Hopefully, it is useful and can be a source of information that helps you. That’s all and thank you!

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