What is Melee Hero in Mobile Legends? Here’s the Explanation

Melee Hero in Mobile Legends

Often hear the term “Hero Melee” in the Mobile Legends game but still unfamiliar with what it means. Don’t worry because we will explain you.

There are lots of terms in MOBA games that are very reasonable if ordinary players still don’t know what they mean. We recommend that as a Mobile Legends game player, you know the meaning of many terms because it can help to understand this game better.

Now, for those of you who are curious and want to know what a Melee hero is in mobile Legends, please just look at the full explanation below!

Explanation of What is Melee Hero in Mobile Legends

Explanation of What is Melee Hero in Mobile Legends

Hero Melee is the characteristic of a hero who hits or attacks his opponent at close range.

Its basic attack range is quite short, it’s as easy as a hero with a fighter role. Almost all fighter heroes are Melee types whose basic attack range is small.

Melee heroes are very weak against ranged heroes because they can get poke damage. When using this typical hero please stay away from range heroes because you can be defeated easily.

Hero Melee also exists for other roles such as Tanks, Assassins, and there are even Mage heroes who are typically Melee.

The typical Melee Hero Mage is Julian. This hero in attacking opponents using basic attacks is also very close in range.

Because this is a typical hero, it means that the most suitable lane is EXP. You can play casually on this lane because automatically the opposing heroes also play using the same typical heroes.

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The objective in playing melee heroes is the same as offlaners, managing lanes, helping the team fight, and securing turtles in the early game.

Many melee heroes are still meta, for example, there is Julian for the mage role, Lapu-Lapu and Yu Zhong for the fighter role, and there are many other meta melee heroes.


That’s all the discussion about what is a melee hero in Mobile Legends from Timeture. Hopefully, it can be a new insight for you, and can understand the terms in the Mobile Legends game. Thank You!

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