When is Early Game and Late Game in Mobile Legends?

Early Game and Late Game in Mobile Legends

As a good player, of course, you have to know how many minutes the early game and late game are in Mobile Legends. This is common knowledge, but for those of you who are still new, we will explain it in full!

The more knowledge you have about the Mobile Legends game, the easier it will be for you to understand the game. So you won’t be bothered by the terms in Mobile Legends.

Now, for those of you who are curious and want to know about the early and late, how many minutes are in Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the following discussion!

How many minutes are Early Game and Late Game?

How many minutes are Early Game and Late Game?

The early Game is the initial phase in Mobile Legends since the game started. Early Game itself starts from minute 0 to minute 5 in gameplay.

The objective during this phase is farming as well as possible and mastering the objectives well. If you are a jungler in the early game, you must be able to secure jungle monsters and turtles. Because this will be very useful for the development of your team’s Networth.

After 5 minutes and above, you are still in the Mid Game Phase. Here the objective begins to change. You have to clear the minions and get kill points from your opponent as much as possible. For roamers, during the mid-game, you have to easily master map rotation.

The game starts to live and tends to be crowded with team fights during the mid-game. Try not to pick off too many opponents during the mid-game because you can lose your objective, both mastery of the map and wave minions.

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After the Mid Game, you will be in the Late Game phase. This phase is at 12 Minutes Up and is already the peak round. The slightest mistake you make will be fatal and can lead to defeat.

Late Game objectives are secure area lords, management laning, and Organizing Team Fights neatly. If you can master the late game well then you will most likely win the game easily.

Hero Damage Dealers like Marksman and High ground Heroes play an important role in times like this. As a roamer, of course, you have to take care of it so that the power you have for team fights during the late game is easy to win.

Also avoid appearing on the map often, especially when alone, far from the team. This will be very detrimental to you and can be a costly blunder!

So the conclusion is Early Game from 0 to 5 minutes, Mid Game from 5 to 12 minutes, and Late Game from 12 minutes and above. Please remember this, because it is very important to add to your insight about Mobile Legends!


That’s a complete discussion about how many minutes of Early Game and Late Game in Mobile Legends from Timeture. Hopefully, this is useful and becomes a new insight for you to know more about existing terms. Thank You!

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