The Sequence of Hero Power Mobile Legends (MLBB)

Hero Power Mobile Legends

The order of Hero Power Mobile Legends will be explained in full by Timeture in this article. The goal is to become a reference source for players who are new to Mobile Legends.

The Title or Hero Power system is divided into several categories. You also need to know that this applies to all heroes, not universally. To get a title from a hero is also not easy, especially if you live in an area that is busy with Mobile Legends players

So for those of you who are curious and want to know how the order of the power heroes in Mobile Legends is, please just look at the following discussion!

The Sequence of Hero Power Mobile Legends

The Sequence of Hero Power Mobile Legends

Title or Hero Power Mobile Legends is divided into 5 levels, each level representing an area. The order is as follows:

1. Beginner (District)

The first level is beginner which indicates that your hero power has entered the district-level ranking. Usually, MMR points at this level are still not very high and it is still easy to get them.

2. Junior (District)

Go up to the second level, namely Junior which represents the Regency level. Competition begins to be felt at this level because it’s not just one player that you compete with hero power or mmr. It takes a lot of effort to get a title at this level.

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3. Senior (Province)

It’s getting more difficult to get MMR points at the Senior level representing the Province. Competition is starting to get tough and you have to compete aggressively to get to this level. 5000 MMR points are the minimum point that must be pursued to get this title!

4. Supreme (Country)

This title with the title Top Country further increases the prestige in Mobile Legends. If you can enter this level, it means you are good at mastering a Mobile Legends hero

The competition to get the Top Tier Title for Indonesia is very tough. You must reach a minimum MMR point of 7500 to get the first position.

5. Global (World)

The title that is most prestigious and proves that a player is very good at it is the Global or Top World Title. To reach this level, of course, you have to push your rank and MMR hero power extra.

Can play solo but very heavy. Usually, starting from the Supreme level, you play in a party and all party members must be strong and good at it.

To get the Global Title you have to get the highest MMR points from all Mobile Legends players. Very hard right? This is what makes this one hero power title very prestigious.

When you get the Top Global Title, you will get many benefits. Such as increasing charisma, level of popularity, and even the potential to get lots of mobile legends diamond gifts. Very profitable right? Grab your top global hero power title right now!

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So, that’s a complete explanation of the order of the power heroes in Mobile Legends from Timeture. Hopefully, this is useful and helps those of you who are still new to understand more about how the title hero power system in Mobile Legends applies. Thank you and See you soon!

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