How to Counter Hero High Ground Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

Counter Hero High Ground Mobile Legends

After we previously discussed what a high-ground hero in Mobile Legends is, we will also provide a tutorial on how to easily counter a high-ground hero in Mobile Legends.

This is very important knowledge for you to know and master. Because it will have benefits when applied in gameplay. Therefore, you have to watch and pay close attention to the tutorial this time!

For those of you who are curious and want to know how to counter high-ground heroes in mobile legends, please just look at the full explanation below!

How to Counter Hero High Ground Mobile Legends

How to Counter Hero High Ground Mobile Legends

Many Mobile Legends players are still newbies and don’t know how to fight high-ground heroes. As a result, during the late game, it is difficult to penetrate the last three turrets, and usually ends in defeat.

But don’t worry because by applying the tutorials or methods that we will share, you will be able to deal with them easily. Here’s how!

1. Fight with High Ground Heroes as well

When you know your opponent’s draft Pick uses a high-ground hero, the best way to counter is that you also to use a high-ground hero as well.

For example, if the enemy uses a pharsa hero, you can use Valentina to copy skills through her ultimate or you can also use Yve’s hero as another example.

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This method is quite effective and many players have also implemented it. Please try it too and see for yourself the results!

2. Using Hero Moments

The point of using hero moments is that you can use heroes like Franco, Atlas, or other heroes of the same type to catch high-ground heroes.

This is also very effective considering that heroes like Atlas and Franco have skills that can target the opponent’s high-ground heroes. Franco using his hook skill.

For Atlas heroes, you can use combo skill two to get close to your opponent and use your ultimate skill to catch him. This method is quite effective and please try it!

3. Using a Hero with Targeting Skills

One solution to fight high-ground heroes that is also effective is to use heroes who have targeting skills.

For example, Ling can target opponents using all of his skill combos. Has a good escape skill so you don’t easily get picked off by your opponent.

Or you can also use other targeting heroes, like Chou. This flexible hero is very dangerous if you are careless, especially during the late game. Chou can break through the front and target the opponent’s high-ground heroes.

Heroes like Lapu-Lapu and Yu Zhong are also very effective at countering High Ground heroes. Lapu-Lapu and Yu Zhong both have ultimate skills that can directly reach and attack the back.

4. Using Conceal and Flanking Strategies

Mobile legends have a roam item whose effect is called conceal and can make any hero who uses it disappear in a few moments.

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Use this item and flank, attack in a circular direction, and then attack directly from behind. If the enemy is not aware of this, of course, this will be very surprising.

You can directly target your opponent’s high-ground hero. Try to get instant pick-off so you don’t lose. This method is also often used and proven to be effective if done correctly!

5. Instigate War outside the Turret Inhibitor

The area that is very profitable for the opponent’s high-ground hero is the turret inhibitor or the third part of the turret.

If you want to target it easily, lure it for war outside the turret inhibitor. This will greatly benefit you because if you force war near an inhibitor or even forcefully break into it, your team can be level in an instant.

It can also be combined with a good lanning strategy. For example, don’t push the entire minion or freeze the lane so that the opponent gets out of his base area. This moment is what you have to take advantage of and immediately attack together!


So, that’s a complete explanation of how to counter the High Ground Mobile Legends hero from Timeture. Follow and apply it correctly, guaranteed to be effective for picking off the opponent’s high-ground hero!

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