11 Japanese Voice Actors in Genshin Impact

Japanese Voice Actors Genshin Impact

For those of you who play the Genshin Impact game, of course, you will be presented with the voices of various characters. 11 List of Japanese Voice Actors for Genshin Impact, of course, you should know so that you know better who is behind the character you are playing.

Voice actors themselves are a very important role in making games and films, this is because they will give the impression that the players are deep into the characters they play, this profession does seem young.

However, this is very difficult to do because when the voice actors don’t study the characters they play, so will the players later, for those of you who want to know the list of Japanese Voice Actors Genshin Impact, you can listen to the discussion below.

11 List of Japanese Voice Actors Genshin Impact

Japanese Voice Actors Genshin Impact

As we already know that the importance of voice actor affairs greatly influences the quality of games and films, therefore Mihoyo as the maker of the Genshin Impact game doesn’t play games when choosing it, as for several voice actors who voice the characters of this game, including the following:

1. Horie Shun (Aether)

For the selection of the voice actor for the main male character, namely Horie Shun, mihoyo chose Horie Shun because he has experienced 2016 playing various characters both in anime and games since.

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2. Yuki Aoi (Lumine)

For the main female character, Mihoyo chose Yuli Aoi not without reason. She is a voice actor who has experience in both anime and games. Yuki Aoi is also the person who became the voice actor for the character Tatsumaki in the One Punch Man anime.

3. Iwami Manaka (Amber)

Iwami Manaka forgot a voice actor who made his debut in 2016 he made his debut as a main character in the Sayonara series No asa ni yakusoku no Hana wo kazarou which became a character named Maquia, while his debut in the Kim industry he filled several voice characters such as in the game grand blue fantasy he plays a character named satyr.

4. Tanaka Rie (Lisa)

Tanaka Rie can be said to be a senior character voice because she has played many important roles in voicing various characters, she is usually the voice actor for older sister characters or other adult characters.

5. Saitou Chiwa (Jean)

Mihoyo has also chosen to fill in for the character Jean, a voice actor named Saitou Chiwa, he is known as a voice actor who has a unique voice, I have also played several anime characters such as taokaka from the anime BlazBlue, and also katakuriko from the anime Gintama.

6. Toriumi Kousuke (Kaeya)

Furthermore, Genshin Impact’s voice actor is Toriumi Kousuke who plays the character Kaeya, he is a voice actor who voices many cool and cool anime characters.

7. Oono Kenshou (Diluc)

Next is Oono Kenshou who plays the voice actor character Diluc, yes he is one of the voice actors who has a high fee because he is a voice actor who has quite a lot of experience, he also often plays several voice actor characters who have cool images.

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8. Kitou Akari (Barbara)

Kitoi Akari is a Voice Actor who also played the character nezuko yesterday in the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, yes, he is one of the voice actors who have high fees just for a joke and screams at the character, hi, he has also played several characters in games, one of them is Berecca from ninja games.

9. Koshimizu Ami (Beidou)

Maybe one of mihoyo’s considerations for recruiting Koshimizu Ami into the genshin impact game is because he is a fairly experienced voice actor. Kallen Starfield.

10. Uchiyama Kouki (Razor)

Uchiyama Kouki is a poetry actor who is quite active in several characters who have antagonistic characters, but he also often plays several harem characters.

11. Oosaka Ryouta (Bennett)

Next is the voice actor named Oosaka Ryouta, who made his debut as a voice actor as a character named Palmo in the anime Kimi to Boku.


Maybe that’s all the discussion this time about 11 Lists of Japanese Voice Actors Genshin Impact, I hope this discussion can be useful for you, finally, thank you!

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