Undead Girl Murder Farce Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Undead Girl Murder Farce Season 2

Undead Girl Murder Farce Season 2 is interesting to wait for. This anime with a mystery and fantasy theme is one of the best Summer 2023 anime, this anime received a rating of 7.93 in MyAnimeList and entered the top anime this season.

Interestingly, the Undead Girl Murder Farce anime story is not only present for one season, there is still a continuation of an interesting story for you to wait for in the next season.

Undead Girl Murder Farce is an anime adapted from a novel series written by Yugo Aosaki. The anime itself is produced by Studio Lapin Track.

The first season of Undead Girl Murder Farce gets around 13 episodes which first aired on July 6, 2023. After the first season ends, then what about the continuation?

The following are updates and developments regarding the continuation of the Undead Girl Murder Farce Season 2 anime that we know so far.

When Will Undead Girl Murder Farce Season 2 be Released?

When Will Undead Girl Murder Farce Season 2 be Released?

Through its official website page, the Undead Girl Murder Farce anime has been officially confirmed to continue into season 2. But for certainty, the release date will be announced further.

On this page, we will immediately make regular updates if this anime has been confirmed in the future.

We can find out whether there is Undead Girl Murder Farce S2 from the source that comes from the light novel created by Yugo Aosaki.

The novel version of the series was first published by Kodansha on December 17, 2015, this novel is still in ongoing status or running until now with a total of 4 volumes.

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The manga version was released on June 25, 2016, and has 4 volumes, the manga version itself is also in ongoing status.

You could say, that all the material in the novel and manga versions has been published in the first season, but you need to note that both the manga and the novel are still in ongoing status.

We can assume that most likely Undead Girl Murder Farce Season 2 will be present, it’s just that it will take a long time for us to be able to watch it due to the volume that has not been released and the long process of making anime.

Anime Synopsis Undead Girl Murder Farce

In 19th century France, the wife of vampire nobleman Jean Duchet Godard was murdered in her own home. Since the local human authorities were not investigating the case, Godard hired a private detective who specialized in the supernatural.

Tsugaru Shinuchi is a man who carries a mysterious birdcage and his partner Aya Rindo. These two mysterious people came from faraway Japung to France with the same goal of tracking down the person who had stolen Aya’s body and Tsugaru’s humanity.

The two of them work together to find the same person to take revenge, but the road is quite long and along the way, they have to uncover mysteries to achieve their main goal.

Thus above is an update on the development and the release of the Undead Girl Murder Farce Season 2 anime. Stay tuned for the latest and interesting updates about anime news only at Timeture.

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