Unique Sentences from Paimon Reference in Honkai Star Rail to Help Players

Unique Sentences from Paimon Reference

Genshin Impact players must be quite familiar with the words that Genshin Impact players will encounter in certain places such as “How about we explore the area ahead of us later?

This sentence will help Genshin Impact players who have lost their way and prevent players from going deeper into areas or areas that should not have been visited due to the skill factor or ability of the player/character being played.

Sometimes this guidance message also appears when the player wants to enter an area that isn’t open at the time.

This also turns out to be found in the Honkai Star Rail game which surprisingly features the figure of Paimon, a mascot from Genshin Impact who is the best guiding character in all of Teyvat.

When a trailblazer or Honkai Star Rail player tries to enter the area as it currently is in the Belobog area, the player will find a notice informing them that the player has suddenly heard the voice of a woman saying the words “How about we explore the area ahead of us later?” the same sentence as found in Genshin Impact.

The only difference is that in the Genshin Impact game, the player will also listen to the sound from Paimon, then in Honkai Star Rail the player will not hear the sound, and the notification will only be in the form of a text.

Most Honkai Star Rail players, of course, are very happy with the reference guide from the character or mascot Paimon’s guide in the Genshin Impact game in this game. Even though Paimon often entertains and bullies her, her presence will certainly create a pleasant atmosphere.

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Apart from Paimon, it seems that there are also references to other characters in the Honkai Star Rail game that players can find. One of them is the novel that is shown being read by residents in the Belobog area, especially the character Pela.

This character (Pela) is Artem from the game Tear of Themis which was developed by the same developer, HoYoverse. Because it comes from the same developer, it is a natural thing and becomes a separate marketing strategy to add reference figures from other games.

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