10 List of the Best Official PC Game Download Sites

Best Official PC Game Download Sites

With the development of life, it is undeniable that activities in downloading games are also getting easier with the many available download sites. You can play any game on the following official PC game download sites.

On these download sites, there are many offers regarding games, both exclusively and not with download sites and buy games legally so they don’t violate the law.

List of The Best PC Game Download Sites

List of The Best PC Game Download Sites

The following PC Game Download sites offer lots of free games that are quite fun and popular. So that you don’t get confused about the various game sites available, here we provide a list of the best PC game download sites complete with their descriptions. Below is a more complete discussion.

1. Epic Games Store

This site may be relatively new. but in contrast to its young age, this site has a portal that has been able to become a rival to Steam.

This has been proven by EGS daring to ask for exclusive rights for games that are ready to be released even though the exclusivity time is only temporary or in other words not forever.

2. Humble Store

It is an option for gamers to download PC games other than Steam and has various discount prices. Humble Store is quite popular and much in demand.

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Here you can get AAA offline games at low prices and lots of other free games. But unfortunately, the old-school games here are usually old-school PC games.

3. Rockstar

Just like the Epic Games Store, Rockstar is also a completely new portal. This portal also provides GTA: San Andreas specifically for this PC game download sites.

However, the games on this portal are only games made by Rockstar itself, so there are no other games that are not made by Rockstar on this portal. But with this, there are a lot of possibilities that Rockstar will provide promos for the game itself.

4. Steam

Many are familiar with this one portal. As the pioneer of buying and selling games digitally, steam is of course the best choice.

Coupled with the games available on this portal which are quite complete and equipped with several free games, making this site the main site. And in each region, it is confirmed that this one portal has become a favorite portal for many people.

5. Blizzard

The games available on this site are their own games only. And you need to know too, not only the games offered by Blizzard.

Even though on this site there are only games from Blizzard, regarding the server, Blizzard has a server that is quite extensive.

6. Itch.io

The next site is Itch.io which is a special site for those of you who love indie games. On this site, there are many indie games as well as semi-finished games available for free.

This is not surprising, because it turns out that most indie developers run here.

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7. GOG

This site is a senior site because this site has long appeared on the surface as a steam parallel.

Different from other Steam, on this site you don’t need to install it, because when you buy it, you feel like you already own the game.

Because on this site you don’t need to bother logging in when going to the game. And games you can install anywhere and anytime. So it’s no wonder that many are interested in this one game site.

8. Origin

This is a portal that specifically provides games from EA and other publishers. Whether it’s games every year FIFA or UFC games like The Sims and other triple-A games are also here. Even though this site doesn’t have as many games as other Steams, this site does have servers from various publishers.

9. Ubisoft/Uplay

Games produced by Ubisoft include Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, and others, and of course, many people are familiar with these games.

And these games have their portal for those of you who want to download them, you also have to log in first to Uplay’s Uplay portal. Even so, you can also download games from Steam because Ubisoft is one of the PC game download sites that quite flexible.

10. Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is a site that is in great demand by many people and is regarded as their mainstay site.

Here there are lots of games available, especially those with Microsoft games as frills. But unfortunately, on this site, the games available feel very expensive because there aren’t many discounts on this site.

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Even so, this PC game download sites also provides free games for you.

So, that’s the list of the best official PC game download sites. Hopefully useful and happy playing.

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