What is Hero Scaling Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

Hero Scaling Mobile Legends

Often hear the term “Hero Scaling” Mobile legends but don’t know what it means. Don’t worry, because we will discuss what hero-scaling mobile legends are for you.

Indeed, not all Mobile Legends players understand the terms. Especially for those who are new to this game or are new to this game, it’s normal if you still don’t know what it means.

Knowing the term MOBA is also an important part of the knowledge of the game itself. Now, for those of you who are curious and want to know what a scaling hero in Mobile Legends is, please just look at the full discussion below!

What is Hero Scaling Mobile Legends?

What is Hero Scaling Mobile Legends?

Hero Scaling Mobile Legends is a hero that takes time to develop. As time increases in gameplay, the power of this hero is getting higher.

There will be a significant increase in damage, or more easily, it will get worse the later the game gets. Using hero scaling in a team should not be arbitrary.

You must first consider whether it is worth it to take a scaling hero. Is your team’s hero composition strong enough to withstand the late game? This is what you have to consider carefully.

Hero Scaling in easy terms is a hero who needs to build items first. So that during the early game, the resulting damage is still not painful or normal.

Usually, hero scaling is found in several roles, such as marksman, mage, and assassin. The gameplay is fairly monotonous at the start of the game.

The objective is just to focus on farming while collecting stacks or building items. Until now, there are still several scaling heroes that have entered the meta, for example, Cecilion and Aldous.

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To be able to play well using hero scaling is also very easy. You just need to be patient and focus on your objective, after you feel the damage starts to hurt, then you can join the war.

Some tips for dealing with the Scaling hero are not to bring the game too late. You can work around this by locking the opposing team’s hero scaling during the early to mid-game.

That way the game will be easier for you to win. It can even be finished in just 10 minutes in the current meta if you manage to put pressure on the opposing team well!


So that’s an explanation of What is Hero Scaling in Mobile Legends from Timeture. Hopefully, this is useful and can add to your insight about knowledge about Mobile Legends. That is all and thank you!

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