Ushio To Tora Season 3 Release Date, When Will Show?

Ushio To Tora Season 3

Ushio To Tora season 3 is one of the anime that fans have been waiting for until now. This anime has been around since Summer 2015 and the hype is still very high.

Ushio To Tora itself is a manga project originally written by Kazuhiro Fujita from 1990 to 1996 who managed to write up to a total of 33 volumes.

After the success of the manga project, Ushio To Tora received an anime adaptation which was worked on by Studio MAPPA and Studio VOLN.

Successfully produced up to two anime seasons with a total of 26 episodes for the first season and 13 episodes for the second season. The first season premiered on July 3, 2015, and ended on December 25, 2015.

The first season of the anime Ushio To Tora received many positive responses and received high ratings. I managed to achieve a score of 7.57 rating on the MyAnimeList site.

Because it was very popular and included being successful in its first anime adaptation debut, a second anime adaptation project appeared not long after.

Ushio To Tora season 2 arrives in Spring 2016. It premiered on April 1, 2016, and its 13th episode finished airing on June 24, 206.

Interestingly, the debut of the anime Ushio To Tora season 2 was also quite successful because it received an increased rating from the previous season, which managed to touch a score of 7.90.

Anime that uses the theme of Mythology and is combined with the ActionAdventure genre and also has Comedy spices too, makes the storyline interesting and not monotonous. That is what keeps the audience from getting bored and is the key to the success of the Ushio To Tora anime project.

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The question is, will there be a continuation of the Ushio To Tora season 3 anime? When will it be released? So, for those of you who are curious and want to know the latest information now, please refer to the whole discussion below!

When Will Ushio To Tora Season 3 be Released?

When Will Ushio To Tora Season 3 be Released?

Studio MAPPA and Studio VOLN as the official parties working on the Ushio To Tora anime adaptation project, have yet to confirm whether there will be a continuation for the third season until now.

Even so, if one day there is updated information about when the release will be updated soon!

Ushio To Tora is not an original anime work and is an adaptation of the manga. The manga itself ended a long time ago.

However, there are still a lot of storylines considering that it has reached 33 volumes. The first season of the anime Ushio To Tora produced 26 episodes, which is compared to two seasons.

Meanwhile, Ushio To Tora season 2 produced 13 episodes, so the total number of episodes for both is 39 which is equivalent to the actual three seasons. Judging by the total volume, the rest of the storyline should be very thin.

However, there is still a possibility that the Official will release the anime Ushio To Tora season 3 in the future. For when the release still needs to wait for the next update. Let’s look forward together until the information is made available to the public!

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What is The Plotline of Ushio To Tora Season 3?

What is The Plotline of Ushio To Tora Season 3?

Tells of Ushio Aotsuki who is a middle school student. Has a stubborn nature and is the son of a priest of a temple.

Ushio Aotsuki doesn’t care about his father’s status and is indifferent to the teachings that there are monsters from another world who are often known as Youkai.

But when Ushio got a job to take care of the temple because his father was away, he had an incident that led him to find a Yokai in the basement.

That Yokai is Tora, a powerful Yokai who has tremendous destructive power but was sealed by the Beast Spear for five hundred years. Tora forces Ushio to release him from the seal that has been shackled for a long time.

Ushio doesn’t believe it and refuses to let go. But when the Youkai Plague suddenly expands and endangers his home and friends, Ushio has no other choice.

He should be able to control Tora. The only guarantee for everything to stay conducive, Ushio can only depend on the Kone Blade of Spear to keep Tora from getting out of control.

Ushio and Tora’s meeting is only the beginning of their journey. There will be many obstacles waiting and unexpected later.


So, those are the latest information updates regarding the Ushio To Tora season 3 anime from Timeture. Hopefully, this is useful and can be a source that can answer your curiosity. That is all and thank you!

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