Increase Elden Ring Game Performance With the Latest DLSS 3 Mod

Increase Elden Ring Game Performance With the Latest DLSS 3 Mod

Around the end of last April, PureDark or who is known as a Modder who is quite good at his Mod results has promised to release the DLSS 3 Mod which is intended for the Elden Ring game.

This promise was finally fulfilled by PureDark who released the Elden Ring DLSS 3 Mod which was given to a limited number of people who supported him through a Patreon platform.

Patreon is a crowdfunding or fundraising platform that allows users (creators) to build communities and get funding for their work from their fans or supporters.

This DLSS 3 mod is presented via the ReShade Package which already includes the AMD Fidelity FX CAS sharpening filter or what is known as Contrast Adaptive Sharpening.

Thus users of this Mod will be able to add their own sharpening shaders along with upscalers that come from the previous DLSS Mod version (DLSS Super Resolution).

PureDark also informs that by using this DLSS3 Mod, there will be a fairly high increase in FPS. If previously without using the DLSS3 Mod and the FPS you had reached 80 FPS then after activating the DLSS 3 Mod there will be an increase to around 120 FPS.

When calculated, the performance increase obtained when using the DLSS 3 Mod can reach more than 35% from before activating the Mod. Whereas for 1% low it increases from 54.1 FPS to 90.5 FPS which is equivalent to approximately 65%.

This upgrade includes active RP and has also been used as a test on a system that uses an Intel Core i7-12700KF using an NVIDIA RTX 4090 Graphics Card to process the GPU section.

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At the time of this test using a display resolution of 4K with a right-aligned setting configuration and DLSS Super Resolution Quality mode on.

Meanwhile, RTX 4000 series Graphics Card users will also benefit from increased performance from this DLSS 3 Elden Ring Mod. Even at the time of testing, the performance increase was still felt even though the Ray Tracing feature was being activated.

Modder PureDark doesn’t only work on the DLSS 3 Mod, there are some of his works that are quite good, including one currently working on a mod for Star Wars Jedi Survivor which can also increase FPS up to twofold.

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