How to Overcome the Dark Moonton System in Mobile Legends (MLBB)

How to Overcome the Dark Moonton System

Do you often lose streaks and get a team that is a burden when playing Mobile Legends? It could be that you are affected by the Moonton dark system. What is the dark moonton system? How to deal with the Moonton dark system in Mobile Legends? We will explain in full for you through this article.

Many people often think that when the loose streak mode ranked in Mobile Legends says it’s because of the dark system effect. This assumption can be right but can also be wrong. No one knows for sure whether it exists or is just a myth.

But don’t worry because we will explain it in full to you and how to fix it. Please refer to the discussion below!

What is Dark Moonton System?

The Dark Moonton System is a condition where when you play Mobile Legends you often get a team that isn’t very good and ends up having a losing streak.

Both in terms of individual player skills or players with low ranks. Not equal to the skill or rank of your Mobile Legends account. Of course, it’s very annoying if it doesn’t happen like this.

Perhaps Moonton did not explain whether or not such a system existed. It could be that there may also be just a myth. Or is this even Moonton’s strategy so that players always increase their desire to play because they want to win or restore their rank?

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However, if traced, the average player affected by this dark system is a solo player. If you play in a party it rarely happens. Moreover, a full party of five players or at least 3 players.

How to Overcome the Dark Moonton System in Mobile Legends (ML)

Regardless of whether a system like this exists or not, Timeture will still provide a powerful solution to handle it. Please refer to and follow the following method to be able to overcome the Moonton dark system in Mobile Legends!

1. Play Full Party

As we have said, the risk of being hit by the dark Moonton system is greatly reduced if you play at a party. Minimum three players or better full five players.

There will be no trust and skill issues when playing at a party because you already know what parts of each player’s role are and what the skills are. These tips can also avoid losing streaks.

2. Playing Solo at Night

Research proves that playing at night reduces the intensity of low-skill players. The evening is the time for pro players or top-rank Mobile Legends to play.

If playing solo ranked we recommend playing at night. Also, make sure the network skills are good so you can play smoothly. This is a powerful method for solo players to implement!

3. Using the Match Satisfaction Survey Feature

Mobile Legends has presented a match satisfaction survey feature. You can take advantage of this feature to notify mobile legends about the matchmaking system while playing.

If you feel the matchmaking system is unfair, you can report it through this feature. How to do it as follows:

  • Wait for the match to finish
  • While In Match Results, Click on the Paper Logo in the Upper Left Corner of the Screen
  • Open Match Satisfaction Survey Feature
  • Please Select the “Matching Experience Feedback” Category
  • Complete the survey according to your constraints
  • Click Send for Report
  • Finished
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How to Overcome the Dark Moonton System is quite effective. Even many content creators or YouTubers recommend doing this.


That’s a complete discussion on how to deal with the Dark Moonton System in Mobile Legends from Timeture. Hopefully useful and can help you. Bye and Thank you!

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