5 Causes of Players Becoming Toxic in Mobile Legends

Players Becoming Toxic in Mobile Legends

Isn’t it annoying when you play Mobile Legends but instead meet toxic players? What do you think causes players to become toxic in Mobile Legends? Timeture will discuss it in full through this article.

Toxic players are indeed very annoying and make the mood go down when playing. This can also be a trigger to increase stress and ultimately affect gameplay.

For those of you who are curious and want to know what causes players to become toxic when playing mobile legends, please refer to the discussion below!

Why Players Becoming Toxic in Mobile Legends?

Causes of Players Becoming Toxic in Mobile Legends

Several things can cause this to happen, please understand the following and after that please avoid becoming a toxic player on mobile legends!

1. There is a Skill Gap

The first cause is due to gaps or differences in individual skills between players. Those who think they are good at it will definitely “go around” themselves and call out players who are performing poorly.

If something like this happened, the player who was being talked about would de in a bad mood. So that makes it lazy to play and ends in defeat. This is one of the reasons why there can be Toxic players in Mobile Legends!

2. Draft Pick Problem

The second cause is the emergence of toxicity due to problems with the draft pick. For example, Player A’s main role is Marksman, but suddenly Player B immediately picks the hero role of Marksman.

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Then Player A started casting magic words at Player B. It might sound trivial like this, but in fact, it happened. This is what usually makes one elite player like trolls because another player takes his role.

3. There is a gameplay incompatibility

The next cause is due to gameplay incompatibilities. For example, player A plays as a Marksman and he is often ganked by the opposing team.

Then Player A gets emotional and says the Player playing Hero Tank is on your Team. Usually directly calling the Tank player to vent his emotions.

This often happens when playing solo. Surely you also feel and are familiar with things like this!

4. Due to Network Problems

The main source of Toxic is emotion. One of the things that can most trigger emotions in Mobile Legends is a network or internet connection problem.

Without realizing it, this is also one of the causes that can make a player toxic when playing Mobile Legends. Moreover, triggered by his teammate’s stab. After that, surely the in-game chat column will be full of pearls of wisdom!

5. Because Mobile Legends is Anonymous

Mobile Legends itself is an online game with a very wide server. Player identity in this game is also anonymous. It’s very rare for players to use their real names in an account.

This is also what can be one of the causes of players becoming toxic. The reason is that it is anonymous and not easily detected, so you feel free even if you say harsh words to other players.

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But Moonton has also provided a solution for this. Moonton will usually penalize Toxic players by muting the account, reducing the credit score, or banning the account if the violation is very serious.


Now that’s a complete explanation of what are the causes that can make players toxic when playing the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully, this article can be a reminder for you not to become an annoying toxic player!

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