What is Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact and Best Way to Use

Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact

In this discussion, we will discuss the Definition of Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact, as we already know that this game has two types of damage attacks.

The first is Physical Damage and also Elemental Damage where this attack will be marked by a color that matches the element used when attacking the opponent.

As for the amount of attack, they will get when attacking the enemy, it depends on Elemental Mastery. For those of you who don’t know what elemental mastery is, you can listen to the discussion below.

Definition of Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact

Definition of Elemental Mastery Genshin Impact

The definition of Elemental Mastery itself is what we can say in short is Magic Attack, in the Genshin Impact game itself we certainly have several very important elements that we can combine so that our character has a strong attack, one of which is by increasing Elemental Mastery.

And you need to know that each character in this Genshin Impact game has a different elemental attribute, but even though the attributes of each character are different, they have a relationship with one another.

Which is where this allows us to be able to combine each Elemental with the others, we can combine each element to destroy strong enemies so the more we make our Elemental Mastery high, the stronger the resulting attacks will be.

We can increase our Elemental Mastery status even higher by doing various ways, one of which is by collecting a good artifact, and if you have a complete set of artifacts, you can increase your Elemental Mastery, for example, Wanderers Trouple.

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Then in another way, you can also use the method by us using a good weapon or weapon, indirectly by increasing the quality of our weapons we will increase the attack as well.

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