What is Hero High Ground in Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

Hero High Ground in Mobile Legends

One of the keys to victory in playing the Mobile Legends game is having a high-ground hero. What is Hero High Ground Mobile Legends? We will discuss it here.

When you want to get a high win rate in rank mode, you can’t use random heroes in a draft pick. The composition of the team must be balanced. One of them must be a high-ground hero.

So, for those of you who are curious and want to know what a high-ground hero is in Mobile Legends, please just look at the following discussion!

What is Hero High Ground Mobile Legends?

What is Hero High Ground Mobile Legends?

Hero High Ground is a hero who has skills with painful damage, can clear minions quickly, has a long range of skills, and has an important role in the late game.

The last three turrets near the base are areas that High Ground Heroes can and should defend easily. Because it does have a wide range of skills and damage.

Therefore, when playing High Ground, you must be able to position yourself properly. Don’t get picked off easily because later it will make it difficult for your teammates, especially when you enter the late game.

Usually, High Ground heroes come from Role Mage and also Role Marksman. A hero who can attack from a distance using his skills has great damage and can quickly clear minions.

The objective focus of this hero user is not to die too much from the start of the game, to be able to play safely and to prioritize helping the team fight to make it easier to win.

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The example of the High Ground that is most used in the current meta is Pharsa. Has good escape skills, skills with burst damage, and can clear minions quickly too.


So, that’s a complete explanation of what a high-ground Mobile Legends hero is from Timeture. Hopefully, this is useful and can make you understand more about the terms in the Mobile Legends gem. That is all and thank you!

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