Vatican Kiseki Chousakan Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan Season 2

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan season 2 is one of the anime whose presence is still highly anticipated by fans until now. This anime was first released in the Summer of 2017.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan, also known as “Vatican Miracle Examiner“, was originally a light novel project written by Rin Fujiki. It premiered on December 10 and until now has produced a total of 13 volumes.

Then get its Manga adaptation. First by Eiji Kaneda with a total of 2 Volumes and started the project from January 24 2012 to January 24, 2013. After that, it was continued by Anjue Hino whose project is continuing until now.

Seeing the success of the existing project, Vatican Kiseki Chous will finally get an anime adaptation. Produced by Studio J.C Staff who managed to produce up to 12 Episodes + OVA. premiered on July 7, 2017, and ended on September 22, 2017.

This anime uses a mix of Supernatural and Drama Genres. Making the storyline even more exciting because there is a Mystery too. Vatican Kiseki Chousakan debuted its first season and managed to get a rating of 6.40 which is not very good.

The question is, is there a continuation of the Vatican Kiseki Chousakan season 2 anime? When is the release? So, for those of you who are curious and want to know the latest information about this anime, please refer to the following discussion!

When Will Vatican Kiseki Chousakan Season 2 Release?

When Will Vatican Kiseki Chousakan Season 2 Release?

Studio J.C Staff, as the official party running the anime adaptation project, has yet to provide the latest information regarding whether or not the continuation of the second season will be clear.

If one day there is information about when the Vatican Kiseki Chousakan S2 anime will be released, we will update it here soon!

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Judging from its predecessor projects, namely the light novel, and manga, it looks like the Vatican Kiseki Chousan anime will have the potential to get a second-season continuation.

Because in terms of volume, the Light Novel has published a total of 13 volumes and it should be enough for the follow-up storyline of the second season’s anime adaptation.

Even so, all decisions return to the Official. Maybe at this time it is still an independent project, will be announced when it is ready for release later. Usually, it’s like this.

If it is true that there will be a Vatican Kiseki Chousakan season 2. We predict that this anime will be released in 2024 or 2025. Let’s just wait together for the next information update!

What is The Plotline of Vatican Kiseki Chousakan Season 2?

Tells about Vatican City, the City of the Holy Land of Catholics. There is an organization that conducts an investigation of “Miracles” from around the world and confirms their truth.

This organization is called “Seito no Za” in which there are priests as pillars of investigating miracles or miracles. Robert Nicholas, who is a genius archivist and cryptanalyst investigates miracles.

They also have a very important war, which is to uncover the incident and what conspiracy is hiding behind it.


So that’s the latest information update from the Vatican Kiseki Chousakan season 2 anime. Hopefully, this is useful and can be a source of reference that makes you understand the latest updates. That is all and thank you!

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