Fuuto Tantei Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Fuuto Tantei Season 2

Fuuto Tantei Season 2 is one of the popular anime that fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the storyline. Being one of the best works at the time of Summer 2022.

Fuuto Tantei or also known as “Fuuto PI” and “Futo Detective” was originally just a manga project. Written by Riku Sanjo and has managed to publish up to 13 Manga Volumes until now. Starting from August 7, 2017.

After getting a good reputation for his manga project, Fuuto Tantei finally got his anime adaptation project. Worked on by Studio Kai and Ishimori Entertainment, it managed to produce up to a total of 12 episodes for its first season.

The first episode of this anime aired on August 1, 2022, and finished airing on October 17, 2022. The debut of the first season can be said to be a success because Fuuto Tantei managed to get a good rating, which is 7.3 on the MyAnimeList website.

This anime, which uses the theme of a Detective’s life and combines the Action, Mystery, and Supernatural genres, manages to produce an interesting storyline. Viewers will get into the plot and be mesmerized by the exciting scenes. This is one of the keys to the success of the first season debut.

The question is, will there be a continuation of the Fuuto Tantei Season 2 anime? When is the Release Date? Well for those of you who are curious and want to know how the latest information updates are, please just take a look at the following discussion!

When Will Fuuto Tantei Season 2 be Released?

When Will Fuuto Tantei Season 2 be Released?

Studio Kai, who is working on the anime adaptation project, still hasn’t provided any information regarding the continuation of the second season.

There is still no clarity regarding when Fuuto Tantei Season 2 will be released. If at any time there is new information about this, we will immediately update it for you here!

Fuuto Tantei is an anime adaptation of the manga as the source of the storyline. This means that from the Manga Project, we can find out whether there will be a continuation for the next season or not.

Until now, the status of the manga project is continuing and continues production. That means the storyline is developing. This is a positive signal that it will be very likely that one day there will be a Fuuto Tantei Season 2 anime.

The release date is certainly not known for sure. Given that the Official Party is also still silent and has not provided the latest information updates regarding its clarity.

The rating is of course very good for the debut of the first season. It should be a consideration for continuing the adaptation of the Fuuto Tantei Season 2 anime.

If one day there will indeed be a Fuuto Tantei Season 2 anime, we estimate that in 2024 or 2025 this anime will be present and ready for release!

What is The Plotline of Fuuto Tantei Season 2?

What is The Plotline of Fuuto Tantei Season 2?

Tells the story of a Private Detective named Shotaro Hidari who works in Detective Narumi’s office.

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Together with his partner named Raito “Philip” Sonozakui, they both have the task of protecting the city of Futo from Dopant, a minster created by Gaia Memory.

Shotaro and Raito have the power to turn into Kamen Rider W. These two people are also assisted by Akiko Narumi as an investigator, and Ryu Terui who is a member of the police as well as Kamen Rider Accel.

One day Shotaro met a beautiful girl with red hair. The girl’s name is Tokime. Dopant was targeting Tokime and Shotaro had to save him.

After saving Tokime, Shotaro decided to have Tokime come to work in his office as an assistant. Time continues to pass and many cases have been solved by Shotaro and Philip.

The more cases that are solved make they slowly find out the connection between Tokime and the mysterious Aurora Dopant.


So that’s the latest information update from the anime Fuuto Tantei Season 2. Hopefully, it is useful and can be a reference that answers your curiosity. That’s all and Thank you!

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