Takt Op Destiny Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Takt Op Destiny Season 2

The first season of the Takt Op Destiny anime ended with a total of 12 episodes, and now fans must be wondering about the continuation of the Takt Op Destiny Season 2 anime. When will it be released?

Takt Op Destiny is a new anime series produced by MAPPA and Madhouse, this anime premiered in October 2021 yesterday.

You could say the anime series itself is a promotion for a game with the title Takt Op. on mobile devices by Game Studio.

This anime story is set in the future, where the world has been ruled by various monsters called D2s. But instead of hiding, the Symphonies and sorcerers join forces to crush the evil from D2.

The release of the first episode of Takt Op Destiny managed to surprise the audience with its spectacular animation, and now that the first season is over, then when is the release date of the Takt Op Destiny Season 2 anime?

When Takt Op Destiny Season 2 Release Date?

When Takt Op Destiny Season 2 Release Date?

Currently, unfortunately, there is no official information regarding the continuation of the Takt Op Destiny Season 2 anime, both from MAPPA and Madhouse itself.

Considering that this series is a promotion for the game, it seems quite difficult to determine whether or not there will be a second season.

If later the Studio provides further announcements, we will provide the latest updates through this page. So don’t forget to bookmark it!

Surely there are many fans around the world who loved the anime Takt Op Destiny in its first season, this is none other than thanks to the spectacular animation and being an action anime full of cool effects.

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But unfortunately, this anime also did not escape various criticisms for missing some interesting storylines. To a certain extent, this is understandable because Takt Op Destiny season 2 does not have sufficient source material.

The original intention of the Takt Op Destiny anime itself was only limited to promoting their mobile game called Takt Op. which will be released in the future.

Even so, many fans loved the first season of Takt Op Destiny because of the cool visuals, good music, and voice actors, so it’s no wonder there will be a lot of preparation for the second season.

What is The Plotline of Takt Op Destiny Season 2?

Takt Op Destiny tells of the emergence of a monster named D2, which disrupts the city of New York in the United States. D2 is an invasive extraterrestrial monster species originating from a black meteorite that fell to earth.

Then the government announced a public decree forbidding all citizens to play music if the sound of music would provoke D2 to attack.

This monster will appear when listening to any music and hates any melody. This ban lasts until 2047. One way to beat D2 is with the art of music and conductors.

The art of music is a young woman who represents the music itself, while the conductors are those who can control it thanks to the existence of the soul of music in her.

The main story in this anime is a conductor named Takt Asahina, who is an expert in playing the piano. He first became a conductor when he got an attack from D2. Then Anna Schneider’s sister, Cossett, was killed in the incident. Then Takt activates his Musicart into Destiny.

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After the incident, Takt, Anna, and Cossette (Unmei), then made their way to the Symphonica headquarters in New Work. Although initially different goals, they must work together to stay alive on a journey full of D2.

So, that’s all the latest information about Takt Op Destiny Season 2. Although there is quite a lack of Season 2 regarding this anime, I hope the parties concerned will announce the announcement soon.

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