Uma Musume Season 3 Release Date, When Will Show?

Uma Musume Season 3

Uma Musume Season 3 is something that has been highly anticipated until now. Since the two seasons have passed and have proven successful, fans are increasingly curious about how the story will continue.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby” was originally a manga project written by S. Kosugi. Until now it has produced a total of 4 Volumes. Cycomics is the publisher of this manga.

Then comes the animated adaptation produced by Studio PA Works. With a total of 13 episodes for the first and second seasons. For the first season, it started airing on April 2, 2018, to June 18, 2018.

In its first season debut, Uma Musume became an anime with pretty good progress. Get a fairly high rating, namely at 7.5

As for the debut of the second season, it started broadcasting from January 5 2021 to March 30, 2021. It turned out that the second season received a jump in ratings and a positive response from its fans, which also increased in number.

For the second season, it received an 8.0 rating. This is the reason why the anime Uma Musume is highly anticipated for the continuation of the story for its third season!

The question is, will there be a Uma Musume Season 3? When will it be released? So, for those of you who are curious and want to know how the update is going, please refer directly to the following discussion!

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When Will Uma Musume Season 3 Release?

When Will Uma Musume Season 3 Release?

Studio PA Works, which is the party working on the animation adaptation, has provided a promotional trailer for the third season of Anime Uma Musume. This is a positive signal that there will be a project for season 3. However, the exact release time is still unknown. We will update you when there is new information regarding this!

Uma Musume, who has successfully passed the previous two seasons, certainly wants to continue her hype. Considering that there was a fairly significant increase in terms of ratings in the second season.

Of course, the Official didn’t want to miss this good opportunity so they made a third-season follow-up project. You just need to wait until the official gives definite news about when it will be released.

We predict that Uma Musume Season 3 will more or less be present in 2023, the month and release date of which is still unknown. But if there are a few changes, it seems that in 2024 this anime will be ready for release and broadcast!

What is The Plotline of Uma Musume Season 3?

What is The Plotline of Uma Musume Season 3?

Tells about the sport of horse racing reincarnated in a parallel world or isekai. Turned into a horse girl whose daily life is synonymous with horse racing.

Focusing on one character who has the nickname Special Week. He has high ambitions to be a true champion in every existing competition. And want to be the best among all.

Until at one time making this Special Week Move to Tokyo to enroll in an academy called Tracen Academy.

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Tracen Academy is an institution that educates horse-tie girls like Special Week to become better racers or athletes. Of course with treatment and training that can improve ability effectively.

When Entering this Academy, Special Week saw a person named Silence Sizuka. He became the inspirational figure of Special Week because he was amazed at how Silence Sizuka’s running style and speed.

This is what spurred the spirit of Special Week to become a reliable racer like Sizuka. Until finally Special Week was recruited into the same team as Silence Sizuka. This team has the name Spica.

This is the beginning of the exciting story and the process of Special Week becoming a reliable racer. Will he be able to rival or even surpass Silence Sizuka?


So that’s the updated information from the anime Uma Musume Season 3. I hope this is useful and can answer a little of your curiosity about the progress of the third season project. Thank you and See you soon!

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