Tejina Senpai Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Tejina Senpai Season 2

Tejina Senpai season 2 is one of the anime that fans are waiting for until now because they are still curious about how the story continues. Being one of the anime works published in the Summer of 2019.

Tejina Senpai or also known as “Magical Sempai” was originally a Manga Project written by Azu in February 2016. It has managed to publish a total of 6 volumes until now.

Three years later from the time of the initial publication of the manga, Tejina Senpai turned out to get a new project as an adaptation of the animated series. It was worked on by Studio Liden Films and managed to produce up to 12 episodes for the first season.

The first episode of the Tejina Senpai anime premiered on July 2, 2019, and finished airing on September 17, 2019. The debut of the first season was arguably good because it received an okay assessment from the audience.

Anime that uses the theme of school life and the Comedy Genre makes the storyline interesting. Identical to the art of magic, there is also an ecchi spice in the storyline that makes the entertainment in this anime even more complete.

The question is, will there be a continuation of the Tejina Senpai season 2 anime? When is the Release Date? Well for those of you who are curious and want to know how the latest updates are, let’s just see the complete discussion below!

When Will Tejina Senpai Season 2 be Released?

When Will Tejina Senpai Season 2 be Released?

Studio Liden Films is the Official party working on the anime adaptation project, until now it has not yet provided clarity on whether or not there will be a Tejina Senpai season 2 anime.

Even so, if in the future there is a new update about when it will be released, we will also provide updates for you here!

Tejina Senpai or Magical Senpai is an anime that comes from its Manga Adaptation. So seeing will probably be continued to the next season can also be seen from here.

The status of the Manga project from the Tejina Senpai anime so far is still ongoing, which means that it is still producing the storyline until now.

So this is a positive signal that one day it will be very possible for the Tejina Senpai season 2 anime to come. It still takes quite a long time until the total volume of the manga is sufficient to be adapted into an anime.

We predict that maybe Tejina Senpai season 2 anime will come in 2024 or 2025. Remember this is just a prediction, for accuracy or certainty you have to wait for updates from the Official Party in the future!

What is The Plotline of Tejina Senpai Season 2?

What is The Plotline of Tejina Senpai Season 2?

Tells the life of a student at a school who is very lackluster and lacks motivation to find a club to join.

Tanenashi High School has a rule that every student must join a club to fulfill graduation requirements. The school also provides a lot of clubs for students to choose from.

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Even so, there was one student who was desperate to find a suitable club for himself to join. Until one day he found a magical club.

It was called the Magic Club. The student then noticed a beautiful girl practicing magic tricks. Although still failing and the success rate is slightly able to attract the interest of students who are desperate to find the club.

At that time because this beautiful girl was suffering from stage fright, her magic trick went awry as she slipped. It ended in quite an embarrassing situation. Long story short, the discouraged student eventually got involved and became a member of the Magic Club!


So that’s the latest update on the Tejina Senpai season 2 anime from Timeture. Hopefully, it is useful and can be a new source of reference for you. That’s all, Thank you and See You Again!

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