Spy Kyoushitsu Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Spy Kyoushitsu Season 2

Spy Kyoushitsu Season 2 is one of the anime that you have to look forward to the continuation of the storyline. This anime, which is also known as Spy Classroom, can be said to be successful in its first season debut.

Spy Kyoushitsu is an anime that comes from its light novel adaptation. Written by Takemachi and first published on January 18, 2020.

The anime adaptation itself was worked on by Studio Feel and the first season premiered on January 5, 2023. With a total of 12 episodes and finished on March 30, 2023.

Anime Spy Classroom has Action, Fantasy and Mystery themes. This combination of genres makes it fun to follow the storyline. It is proven by the first season which got a pretty good rating at 6.35 on the MyAnimeList website.

So, for those of you who are curious and want to know if there is a sequel to Spy Kyoushitsu Season 2. We will discuss it in full and please refer to these updates to find out when it will be released!

When Will Spy Kyoushitsu Season 2 Release?

When Will Spy Kyoushitsu Season 2 Release?

Studio Feel as the creator of this anime still has yet to announce the continuation of the Spy Kyoushitsu Season 3 anime.

If there is a new update when Spy Kyoushitsu Season 3 is released, we will update the information regularly here.

Spy Kyoushitsu is an adaptation of the Light Novel and Manga series. To find out the continuation of the anime version of the story is very easy, namely looking at the Light Novel Volume and whether the status is still ongoing or not.

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The Light Novel version of Spy Classroom was first published on January 18, 2023, and its status is still ongoing until now. With a total volume of 8 + 3 short stories. Seeing from the total volume itself which is quite a lot, of course, it is enough to be adapted into a season 3 anime continuation.

As for the status of the Manga Project, it is also still ongoing until now with a total of 3 volumes. The manga from Spy Kyoushitsu was first published on December 23, 2020, for the Japanese version. Meanwhile, the global version will be released on January 25, 2022.

It can be concluded that it is certain that the anime series adaptation for Spy Kyoushitsu Season 3 will exist. It only needs to wait until there is an announcement regarding the exact information when the release date will be.

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What is The Plotline of Spy Kyoushitsu Season 2?

It is told that a decade ago humanity was under threat. They Witnessed how great the potential of lethal weapons was in the Great War. Therefore, Through the World Government create an agency to find information, namely spies or spies.

Lily is a young girl living in the Republic of Din who has a strong potential to become a great spy agent. He has great enthusiasm and his goal is to become a spy agent who can help and serve his country.

There was a time when Lily doubted her abilities. Until one day his passion was aroused again and Lily became excited. He receives an offer to join the Lamplight spy team.

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Lily decided to join. Arriving at the Spy Lamplight Center, Lily met six other girls who were ready and waiting there. A mysterious man named Klaus appears who gives them a mission to infiltrate the Galgad Emperor as a form of training.

Thus the latest information update from the anime Spy Kyoushitsu Season 2. Hopefully, this is useful and can answer a little of your curiosity. See you!

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