Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Release Date, When Will Show?

Tokyo Ghoul Season 5

Until now, there are still many anime fans who want to know about the continuation of Tokyo Ghoul Season 5. So is it there and is it still continuing, and when will it be released?

Tokyo Ghoul is a very extraordinary manga, after previously airing Tokyo Ghoul Re with 24 episodes and 2 seasons, it can be said that Tokyo Ghoul Re is the third and fourth season.

The Tokyo Ghoul manga has a total of about 179 chapters and it can be said that this manga is finished or finished, but the adaptation has a quite different plot, making many people curious about season 5.

Kaneki Ken’s story in the Tokyo Ghoul anime can be said to be finished, but will we see this anime again in the future? And will Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 continue?

When Will Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Released?

When Will Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 Released?

Unfortunately, the Tokyo Ghoul anime is said to have ended with a total of two seasons for Tokyo Ghoul, and two seasons for Tokyo Ghoul: re. So there are a total of four Tokyo Ghoul anime seasons.

Finally, in Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2, we also have a happy ending, where Kanei has done what he wanted to do.

Besides, Kaneki is already living a happy life. Humans as well as Ghouls have lived peacefully together.

Kanaki’s greatest wish has now come true, but the wish for Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 of course will most likely not be fulfilled.

However, it comes back to Ishida Sui the Mangaka Tokyo Ghoul, whether the Tokyo Ghoul story will continue or not.

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The reason is, that we can also watch stories that are still interesting, especially for the new generation of Kaneki’s children in the future. But it seems this story is no less interesting to watch.

From all of this, it looks like there will be additional stories about the continuation of Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2 (Tokyo Ghoul Season 4), but not Tokyo Ghoul Season 5 but special episodes or maybe movies in the future.

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