The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date, When Will Show?

The King’s Avatar Season 3

When will The King’s Avatar Season 3 released? These series also known as “Quanzhi Gaoshou” is an Original anime produced by Tencent.

This anime tells the story of the journey of MMORPG genre e-sport game players in China, in the anime we are introduced to the main character named Ye Xiu, is a veteran who has left his professional team called Excellent Era, in his heyday he was the captain of the team and famous as a top player in its heyday.

But because he has stripped away all his titles he is now just an ordinary person who tries his luck with his new account named Lord Grim and surprisingly the show is about to start.

The King’s Avatar anime has released 3 seasons of the anime series, and now fans are waiting for the next story which is none other than season 3.

For those of you curious about the prospects and release schedule for the anime The King’s Avatar season 3, you can read our review below!

When Will The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release?

When Will The King's Avatar Season 3 Anime Release?

Update: Donghua The king’s Avatar or The King’s Avatar Season 3 is officially confirmed. This was announced through the official website. Unfortunately, there is no release date yet.

We will provide the latest updates regarding the development of the anime The king’s Avatar Season 3 in the future.

The King’s Avatar season one premiered on April 7, 2017, and ran until June 16 of the same year. A year later, in April 2018, this anime released an OVA episode. After a hiatus of years, the second season of The King’s Avatar will premiere in 2020.

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In the second season, this show got very high popularity on several broadcast channels, namely Tencent’s Youtube channel, this show got 1.3 million views in its first episode. And the average views in each episode get 600 thousand to 1 million. But in the last few episodes, this number has decreased and was only able to get around three hundred thousand viewers.

This is likely to be the attention of the studio and related sponsors of this The King’s Avatar event. So we assume season 2 will depend on how big the number of fans is in season two.

So will season 3 be renewed? To answer that, we can’t predict it right now, because there hasn’t been any confirmation, but in some online media it’s been rumored that the producers are starting to work on season 3, even so, the issue is only an issue, there is no concrete evidence, but if Tencent really wants to finish this work, maybe would be good for us as fans.

All decisions are in the hands of the staff and studios involved, but if we are curious about the release schedule of The King’s Avatar Season 2 anime, we will compare it with the release of the previous season which is only two years apart.

So we can expect that season 3 of the show will likely also be released sometime in April 2022. Until then we will continue to monitor it.

What is The Plotline of The king’s Avatar Season 3?

The King’s Avatar depicts the esports scene in China and is reminiscent of a multi-game online role-playing game (MMORPG), the game called Glory.

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The story follows the story of Ye Xiu, a veteran player in Glory, he is an old professional player and was considered the best player in his heyday. Ye was once the captain of a team called Excellent Era. However, he was forced to resign from that big team and leave his career as a professional game because he didn’t want to take part in any sponsorship to benefit his team.

Subsequently, Ye started working as a night-shift guard at an internet cafe called Happy Internet Cafe, knowing that the owner, Chen Guo wanted to start his own esports team, he became interested in working there.

Ye’s transition from Glory did not last long, he then plunged into the Glory game again and entered the tenth server. But he didn’t use his old account he used a new one, called Lord Grim, and started all over again.

As Ye started playing the game again, he started to regain his old skills, and his initial quest on this new server immediately caught the attention of many outstanding players from the big guilds, and they then questioned Lord Grim’s true identity.

Despite Ye’s ten years of experience playing Glory, he started to run into problems when he started from scratch and without a team or sponsor. Ye also had to deal with changes with this new account.

Slowly but surely Ye’s obstacles were quickly resolved well he was by forming a team with his new friend Ye to try to start his career again.

That’s what we know regarding the anime The King’s Avatar Season 3, hopefully, the above discussion can slightly relieve the curiosity of fans who ask about its release. If there is official information, we will immediately notify you in our next article. So don’t miss it! Thank you!

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