Shironeko Project Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Shironeko Project Season 2

The Shironeko Project anime serialization is indeed interesting to look forward to its release. Here are the latest developments and updates for the anime Shironeko Project Season 2.

Shironeko Project is an anime adapted from the game, this anime was created and animated by Studio Project No 9 and licensed by Funimation.

Shironeko Project applies the Action, Fantasy, and Adventure genres, the first season aired on April 6, 2020, and finished on June 22, 2020, with a total of 12 episodes.

On the MyAnimeList website, the Shironeko Project anime has a score of 5.38, which is indeed a pretty bad score compared to other anime in the same season.

So, will the Shironeko Project anime continue in Season 2? Here is the latest information and developments.

When Will Shironeko Project Season 2 be Released?

When Will Shironeko Project Season 2 be Released?

Unfortunately, the Shironeko Project anime only has one anime season. Where the anime story is adapted from a manga entitled Shironeko Project Hikoujima Kouen written by Colopi and illustrated by Tsurujirou Matsudaira in July 2017.

This manga was published by Kodansha in Comic Clear magazine and was completed in July 2018 with a total of 3 volumes.

Thus, all stories from Shironeko Project have been published in one anime season and this anime story has ended with 12 episodes.

Please note, Shironeko Project itself is a Role Play Game or RPG game that was released on iOS and Android on July 14, 2014, by Developer Colopi. So the anime version is just a promotional media for the game.

Shironeko Project Anime Synopsis

Two great kingdoms rule the world, the White Kingdom which floats in heaven ruled by Queen Iris, and the Black Kingdom which stands on a small land under the auspices of the Dark King.

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But lately, a great power has gathered and become a threat to both kingdoms. The two kingdoms each send representatives of light and representatives of darkness to evolve the world.

Meanwhile, in the Black Kingdom, monsters have gone on a rampage and wiped out the village, leaving only a boy behind. Then a man in armored clothes named Skeer noticed the child and comforted him.

Then Skeer realized the potential of the child and made the child his heir before he died, the boy then swore to become the Dark Prince and bring the world back on track.

Light Representative Iris and the Dark Prince each resolve the catastrophe in their way to face the world’s destiny and meet each other. But their strength will determine the fate of the world.

Thus above is an update on the development of the release for the anime Shironeko Project Season 2. Unfortunately, this anime will not continue in the next season and is only a promotional medium for the game it adapted.

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