World Trigger Season 4 Release Date, When Will Show?

World Trigger season 4

The anime series titled World Trigger Season 4 will continue into which will complete the B-Rank Wars Arc and continue for the Expedition Selection Exam storyline. When is the release date?

The World Trigger anime does have a long story, but regarding the health of manga creator Daisuke Ashihara, which is currently disturbing its continuation.

World Trigger Season 4 itself will later be produced by Studio Toei Animation, which is known as the Studio of popular anime such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Digimon, to the Sailor Moon Crystal anime.

The main staff of World Trigger Season 4 hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s likely that at least some of the original staff members will return to work on the fourth season.

Replacing Kouji Ogawa who worked on the first season, then season 2 and season 3 was led by Director Morio Hatano, who is known as the Director of the anime Dragon Ball Super episodes 33 – 76.

If season 4 were to be made, it would make sense for Morio to return to Bali to be responsible for the continuation of World Trigger Season 4.

When Will World Trigger Season 4 Anime Release?

When Will World Trigger Season 4 Anime Release?

Until now, Studio Toei Entertainment or other related studios have not officially announced the continuation of the World Trigger Season 4 anime. In addition, the prequel for the next season has not been announced.

After official confirmation from the relevant parties, we will provide further information through this page.

However, we will also provide speculation about when and the latest release date for the upcoming World Trigger Season 4. As you know, this anime has become very popular this year, and even for the World Trigger manga series, it managed to become the Top 10 on Oricon sales.

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World Trigger Volume 24 even entered the 2nd position on the chart for volume sales of the Top Rakuten manga in December 2021. This also provides a high chance of World Trigger Season 4.

With this popularity, of course, the sequel to World Trigger is unavoidable, especially considering that Season 3 will still be in the final battle of the B-Rank Wars story.

With sufficient resources and relatively long material, we expect World Trigger Season 4 to arrive in the second half of 2023 or 2024.

What is The Plotline World Trigger Season 4?

The end of season 3 saw Chika Amatori’s press put to the test after Hyuse came out of a failed large-scale meteor strike. Then will Tamakoma-2 reach second place in the rankings to get away from the away team?

The last real fight is not the end of the intermediate level, which is the final result that will be calculated from the whole. Yuba’s squad will be fighting hard for the final B-Rank match to stay at the top.

Chika is very interested in watching Cityscape C’s vertical fight because it is a senior sniper match of Akane Hiura. Akane manages to become an agent who survives to the end and grants Squad Nasu one point for survival which will propel the brand to the top tier of B-Rank.

With the end of the B-Rank Wars match, it will then move on to selecting agents who will join the away mission, the choice of who joins must also be considered carefully because Border HQ needs to choose agents who can safely die their border squad.

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These agents also cannot know the secret of which frontier if they are caught by the enemy.

Elsewhere, there are two people from the country of Galopoula named Reghi and Ratrykov who are trying to sneak into Meeden without using the trion’s body so that the sensors won’t track him.

Galopula is a country under Aftokrator, so Jin uses his side effect to directly make contact with them and knows that they are Neighbors, which aim to interfere with upcoming missions.

Jin’s goal is to make an alliance with Galopoula because it will greatly benefit Border and Galpoula in the future, but will Jin be able to make a miracle again?

So, that’s all the information about the release of the World Trigger Season 4 anime and a few spoilers about the next season. See you later!

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