School Live Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

School Live Season 2

When will School Live Season 2 be released? This is a question in the minds of fans who are curious and want to know the next storyline.

This anime is also known by another name Chool Live which is an adaptation of the manga series titled horror Slice of Life. Written by Norimistsu Kaiho and illustrated by Sadoru Chiba.

The first manga of this anime was released in 2012 ago and you need to know that it has been a decade since it was first published. Ends in 2019 with a total of 12 volumes and 78 chapters.

Because it gained high enough popularity, it was finally adapted into an anime series. Produced by Japanese Anime Studio Lerche.

School-Live aka “Gakkougurashi” first aired in July 2015. Ending its first season in the same year, in September.

When is School Live Season 2 Released?

When is School Live Season 2 Released?

Since the first season ended, in 2019 there was one Movie series published from this anime. Because of that, fans hope that the project School Live season 2 will continue.

However, until now there is still no news of the latest information from the Official regarding the exact release date. There is still no news about the clarity of the next project.

School-Live Season 1 takes the storyline from the manga series which only takes up 6 volumes. With a total of 12 volumes, it should still be enough if it is made for the continuation of the story in the next season.

This can also be a reference for predictions that someday the next School Live Season will be released and ready to be watched.

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Since there is still no exact news, we can only provide predictions that the possibility of School Live Season 2 will exist and the possibility of its release year in 2025. Remember this is just a prediction that can be wrong and can also be right.


Therefore, if sometime in the future there is updated information from the Official Party, we will present it here for you. For now, please be patient!

So that’s our review of the newest School Live Anime. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source for you. Wait for the latest news from us about the clarity of this Anime! That is all and thank you!

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