Tribe Nine Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Tribe Nine Season 2

Tribe Nine is one of the anime that is present this summer, after the first season is finished, then when will the Tribe Nine Season 2 anime released?

An anime that comes with a total of 12 episodes of 23 minutes each, this anime is not very popular and even only got a score of 5.98 on MyAnimeList.

Tribe Nine premiered on January 10, 2022, and ended on March 28, 2022. The anime is produced by Lantsi, JR East Marketing & Communications, Docomo Anime Store, Akatsuki, and Bandai Namco Arts.

Then the anime version itself was animated by Studio LIDENFILMS and licensed by Funimation.

This anime with the Action, Sports, and Sci-Fi genres is adapted based on Mixed Media which is a franchise in Japan, in contrast to most anime based on light novels or manga.

So will the Tribe Nine Season 2 anime come? or only limited to one season, here is an update.

When Will Tribe Nine Season 2 Release?

When Will Tribe Nine Season 2 Anime Release?

Unfortunately, until now Studio LIDENFILMS has not made any announcements regarding the Tribe Nine Season 2 anime. Whether it will be available in the future or not.

We will provide the latest updates on this page if news of the Tribe Nine Season anime is announced in the future.

Although indeed, this anime is adapted from a franchise in Japan, which can be said for the future depending on Mixed Media itself, do they want to add episodes or not?

It’s different if an anime is adapted from a mango, which has a lot of material to make the next season, we can also find out easily, whether the story of an anime is over or not.

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What Is The Plot of Tribe Nine Season 2?

Fed up with society, young children in the city of Neo-Tokyo form a tribe that finds a place in the world, but the loyalty of a group between them grows and often leads to violence.

To prevent unwanted things, the government then implemented Law XB which stated that conflicts between the tribes had to be resolved with Extreme Baseball.

A wide variety of players are present, from players with extendable bat abilities to throws using special tools.

Extreme Baseball is a futuristic version of the sport with modified rules, fewer limitations, and strange application technology.

When a group of children easily bully a boneless boy named Haru Shirokane, he is saved by a useless couple.

Kaiga and Shun Kaimya are the star players in the game Extreme Baseball who lead the Minato Tribe. Kaiga, on the other hand, aims to beat Shun by becoming the strongest in the sport.

On a spontaneous occasion, allowing Shun to discover their potential abilities, Haru and Taiga bond and join the Minato Tribe.

When the tribes in the city of Minato get a new threat led by the very mysterious Oujou Otori, the Minato Tribe needs the strength of two newbies to overcome evil.

Thus the above is information about the anime Tribe Nine Season 2, hopefully, it will be useful, and see you soon!

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