8 Best Magic Anime With Super Strong/Overpower MC

Best Magic Anime With Super Strong/Overpower MC

In the anime you usually find lots of interesting overpowered characters, but there are also some characters who are so strong that they are very difficult to beat.

There are several characters that are feared by their enemies, but do you know that there are some overpowered magic anime that is very interesting to watch?

This time we will discuss magic overpower anime, there have been lots of overpower genre anime broadcast.

But this overpower genre is usually combined with other genres such as overpower magic, overpower isekai and others, so what are magic overpower anime?

Best Magic Anime With Super Strong/Overpower MC

Best Magic Anime With Super Strong/Overpower MC

On this occasion, we will discuss recommendations for the best magic overpower anime with interesting stories. Let’s just go straight to the article below.

1. Overlord

This anime has genres of action, game, fantasy, magic, and supernatural. Overlord tells about a game player named Momonga who wants to be in a game until the game is completely closed.

Momonga also has to find a way out of the game in his own way, fortunately he has been in the game for a long time so that his strength has increased and is very strong.

2. Nanatsu No Taizai

This anime tells of a group of knights who have expertise, they are accused of being the killers of other knights to coup the kingdom, because of these accusations they get the nickname “7 deadly sins“.

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3. Fate/Zero Series

This anime tells about 10 years ago before The Holy Grail War tournament was held, emiya and saber who were participants in this tournament were the main focus in the story, Fate/Zero has an interesting story.

4. Mahouka Kokuo No Rettousei

This anime has a background about a school in the future that prioritizes magic to its students.

In this school there are 2 classes containing students of different levels or levels, in that class there is a special class for those who have high magic, and there is also a special class for those with low knowledge.

5. Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki is one of the anime that has a unique and interesting stor.

This anime tells about an atheist employee in Japan who was killed by his own co-workers, then he met Being X and cursed that person, Being X is God.

6. Log Horizons

This anime tells about the lives of three gamers named Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Akatsuki, the three of them are trapped into a VRMMORPG game called Elder Tale along with 30,000 other players.

7. Full Metal Alchemist

Full Metal Alchemist is the best anime that has an interesting story, this anime tells about the adventures of Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric.

They are both a pair of brothers who have stories and experiences in the bitter past, then they both try to pay for their regrets in the past.

8. The Ancient Magus Bride

This anime has a fun story plot to follow, The Ancient Magus Bride tells about the life of Chise who is an ordinary girl who is bought by a monster-headed magus named Elias.

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Elias has very strong magical powers, and he takes care of Chise, but who would have thought that this would create feelings of love between the two of them.

That’s a list of magic overpower anime that you should know about, which of the eight-anime lists above do you think is interesting to watch? You can watch the anime directly via the web or application.

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