Kingdom Season 5 Release Date, When Will Show?

Kingdom Season 5

Are you a fan of Yasuhisa Hara-sensei’s Kingdom? After ending the fourth season in 2022. Many viewers want to know information about the Kingdom Season 5 anime. When will it be released?

So, of course, you are curious about when the Kingdom season 5 anime will start. Then, reading this article to the end is the right choice because we will discuss it.

In the following, we will discuss what the Kingdom Season 5 anime will be like when this anime will be released. The following is the latest review, which we will always update in the future.

All About Kingdom Anime

Anime Kingdom was adapted from the same manga title by Yasuhisa Hara, This manga first appeared in Weekly Young Jump magazine in 2006. The author has confirmed that the manga will end in the 100th Volume

As for the Anime Series, Kingdom season 1 first aired from June 2012 to February 2013 with 38 episodes, then followed by season 2 which aired from June 2013 to March 2014 with 39 episodes.

Kingdom also released a live-action version in April 2019 featuring Kento Yamazaki as Xin.

Anime Kingdom has a setting in China, this anime has Zheng and Xin as the main characters who are Commandos with 1000 people. Xin had the ambition and dream to help Zheng unify the Chinese plains.

Entering this final season, we will provide information about the voice actors or voice actors for the Kingdom anime in the third season.

  • Masakuza: Xin
  • Jun Fukuyama: Zheng
  • Kentarou Itou: Huan Yi
  • Rie Kugiyama : Diao
  • Kenyuu Horicgou : Wang Jian
  • Hirofumi Nojima: Meng Tian
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Even in the process, there are new staff and character designs which of course have increased or improved.

When Will Kingdom Season 5 be Released?

When Will Kingdom Season 5 be Released?

The Anime Kingdom itself has been airing since 2012 and then in June in its first season. This anime has 38 episodes in the first season which ended in 2013.

Continuing to Season 2, the Kingdom anime penetrated 39 episodes with airing until 2014.

In April 2020, the Kingdom anime in season 3 aired and totaled around 26 episodes. Even though there was a delay regarding the continuation of the Kingdom anime due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. But finally finished continuing to Season 4.

The Anime Kingdom itself has finally continued for a fourth season which starts in early 2022. This anime is also continuing into the next season, which of course the story of the manga adaptation of the Anime Kingdom is continuing.

So when will the Kingdom Season 5 anime continue? Unfortunately, until now we still haven’t received any official news regarding the continuation of this one anime.

Considering that the Anime Kingdom itself is very popular, the fourth season will likely be coming shortly. Hopefully, Kingdom Season 5 will be released in 2024.

What is The Plotline of Kingdom Season 5?

What is The Plotline of Kingdom Season 5?

This Historically-themed anime tells of a male slave named Xin who has a dream of becoming a great general in the state of Qin. Xin with that dream also has Ying Zheng’s best friend. Then, in short, the young Qin king wanted to unify mainland China, under his rule.

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Kingdom manga and anime are recommended for lovers of historical action and political genres. Of course, this series features a lot of blood scenes, so those of you who will be watching should also pay attention to the possibility. However, things like that will pay off with an interesting storyline in the Kingdom series.

Thus our discussion this time, I hope the information regarding the release of Kingdom season 5 can be useful, we hope that this anime doesn’t stop in the middle of the road due to a virus or something like that.

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