6 Best Anime With An Overpowered Main Character

Best Anime With An Overpowered Main Character

Japanese anime has many genres and interesting storylines, in anime stories there is usually one character in the story that is made perfectly without the slightest gap.

There are even some anime characters who have overpowered characters that are very difficult to beat, there are some of the best-overpowered anime that you can know about, what are the best-overpowered anime?

Even though it has extraordinary strength, this overpowered anime still has an interesting storyline for you to follow and watch.

This overpowered anime is usually combined with the genres of overpowered isekai anime, overpowered adventure, and overpowered action, so this time we will list what overpowered anime are best.

Recommendations Anime With An Overpowered Main Character

Recommendations Anime With An Overpowered Main Character

On this occasion, we will discuss the best overpower anime that you can watch, let’s just take a look at the article below.

1. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is in the first place, this anime is one of the best-overpowered anime with a large number of viewers and fans.

This anime tells the story of Midoriya, a poor boy who has no power in a world where almost everyone has power.

One day he met with all might that changed the destiny of a Midoriya, this anime has a rating of 9.4/10 with 4 seasons.

2. One Punch Man

This anime tells of a Saitama who has super strength, he gets this power by training hard every day.

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He is always faced with several monsters that appear in the city but who would have thought that the monster was so easily defeated by Saitama with just one punch.

Saitama got bored cannot express anger when fighting because with just one punch the opponent will fall.

3. Overlord

This overlord anime carries a background in 2126 which is in a game world, unfortunately, this game will be closed soon because fewer and fewer people have played this game.

There is a player who wants to be in the game until the game is completely closed, this player is named Momonga, and until the server is closed Momonga is still in the game.

He also has to find a way out of the game using his way, because he is already in the game long enough he has very high strength.

4. Mob Psycho 100

This anime tells of a middle school student named Kageyama Shigeo who has extraordinary strength, and when Kageyama’s emotions are disturbed, he will lose consciousness and release his psychic powers.

It’s a shame that this power is dangerous for the people around him, Kageyama is looking for a way to control his power, and Kageyama asks for help from someone who claims to be a fortune teller.

5. Assassination Classroom

This anime tells of an octopus monster that has destroyed several moons and is going to destroy the earth, but before destroying the earth, this monster is asked by the government to kill first.

Instead of killing his students, this octopus teaches his students to survive, and every student is also free to do whatever it takes to kill this monster.

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6. Nanatsu No Taizai

Nanatsu No Taizai tells of a group of knights from the lion’s kingdom, and each character has their expertise.

They are accused of killing other knights to coup the kingdom, and because of these accusations they are nicknamed the ‘7 deadly sins’.

That’s a list of the best anime that you can know, the story is quite interesting not to follow and watch, I hope it’s useful. That is all and thank you.

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