Code Geass Season 3 Release Date, When Will Show?

Code Geass Season 3

When will Code Geass Season 3 be released? Code Geass Season 2 does not end with a perfect story, the anime storyline is quite bearable, and of course very curious about the continuation of the story.

Code Geass is certain to continue in the next season, even so, the announcement of the continuation of the Code Geass anime series has been announced since 2016.

But unfortunately, the studios still haven’t given a definite date regarding when the Code Geass season 3 anime will be released. But the release itself has now been determined.

As a fan, of course, you will be curious about when Code Geass will continue, for several visual displays of the Code Geass Season 3 anime, it was also leaked on the official GEASSSPROJECT Twitter account.

Code Geass Continues To Anime Movie

Article Update on May 26, 2024

Unfortunately, there is no further information regarding the Code Geass Season 3 anime, but reportedly there is a recent announcement that will be the continuation of this anime.

The announcement of the Code Geass anime will continue into a Movie entitled “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re; surrection“.

This one movie will be airing in the Winter of 2021. Surely you can’t wait for this anime to come.

The Anime Movie from Code Geass will carry the name Re; surrection which will take place two years after Zero Requim.

The studio will also ensure that Lelouch will return as the main character in Code Geass.

He will have a crucial role in the third season. Of course, the presence of this anime continuation will arouse high curiosity.

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When Will Code Geass Season 3 be Released?

When Will Code Geass Season 3 be Released?

If you see that there are no recent developments regarding the Code Geass Season 3 anime, unfortunately, we don’t think there will be a continuation for this anime.

In which the Code Geass anime has not been officially announced for almost 15 years, it could be that this franchise has ended and there will be no continuation for season 3.

Even so, many rumors mention the development of this Code Geass anime, such as the presence of a new film entitled Code Geass: Z of Recapture.

This film will reportedly have a different output from the plot in the Code Geass anime in the second season. And also this news is still just a rumor and there is still no official development.

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