Ao No Orchestra Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Ao No Orchestra Season 2

Ao No Orchestra is a Spring 2023 anime that has completed its first season. Here is an update on when the Ao No Orchestra Season 2 anime will be released.

Ao No Orchestra aka “Blue Orchestra” is an anime adapted from a Web Manga written by Makoto Akui, this anime was then animated by Studio Nippon Animation and produced by NHK, and NHK Enterprises.

The first season of Ao No Orchestra aired on April 9, 2023, with a total of about 24 episodes, each of which lasted 25 minutes.

This anime has a Drama genre with the theme of Music, Performing Arts, and School.

Now for those of you who are looking forward to the continuation of the Ao No Orchestra Season 2 anime.

Check out the following complete review of the release and synopsis for the Ao No Orchestra Season 2 anime.

Will There Be Ao no Orchestra Season 2?

Will There Be Ao no Orchestra Season 2?

Before being adapted into an anime, Ao no Orchestra was originally a Manga series. The manga is the work of Makoto Akui, while the anime version was produced by Nippon Animation studio.

Although the Ao no Orchestra anime series that aired on April 9, 2023 – October 8, 2023 has ended after 1 season with a total of 24 episodes, the story in the Manga series still continues to this day.

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This raises hopes for a sequel or Ao no Orchestra season 2.

There are several plausible reasons why fans of the anime Ao no Orchestra are eagerly expecting its continuation. The following is a summary of some of these reasons.

1. Popularity and Rating

One of the indicators of an anime’s success is its rating and popularity. If the rating is high enough, it means that the anime is indeed quality and worth watching.

This anime with the Drama, Music, Performing Arts, School genre is able to attract the attention of many viewers, even those who were not too fond of anime before were interested in watching Ao no Orchestra.

Based on the site, Ao no Orchestra received a rating of 7.07 out of 10. This good enough rating and popularity is already a strong enough reason to continue the sequel.

2. Source Material Still Available

Ratings and popularity may not be the only reason for a production studio to make a sequel.

However, the Ao no Orchestra manga still has enough story material to be adapted into a sequel.

3. Sales in All Sectors

The last reason that might be taken into consideration to give birth to a sequel in the anime world is its fantastic sales figures.

If the sales of manga, anime DVDs, as well as revenues from various streaming platforms show positive results, it is very likely that the anime will get a follow-up season.

With impressive sales, both the writer and the production studio will make huge profits.

This is certainly an incentive to continue the story in the next season. There is potential for even greater profits from the sequel.

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When Will Ao No Orchestra Season 2 be Released?

When Will Ao No Orchestra Season 2 be Released?

Good news for Ao no Orchestra anime lovers. This anime will get a sequel after the success of its first season.

Ao no Orchestra Season 2 has been confirmed and will air soon.

But unfortunately, the information we get at this time is very little about this Ao no Orchestra Season 2 anime.

On the MAL website, we can see the web page of the Ao no Orchestra anime is available but there is no other information about the date and other release information.

Information about the release of this Ao no Orchestra anime sequel is informed through the following image:

In the image the news after translation is more or less like this; “the production of the second season of the anime “Ao no Orchestra” has been decided”.

So it is likely that the production of the sequel is currently being worked on and let’s wait for the release information!

Ao No Orchestra Anime Synopsis

Hajimoe Aono used to live only for his violin playing. Since childhood, he admired his father’s world-famous bilo player and was motivated to play the instrument himself.

But after his parents’ divorce, Aono vowed to stop playing the violin and went to school with no direction.

During his education, the unathletic Aono is accidentally hit by a ball and ends up in the hospital. But there he meets the brash Ritsuko Akine and plays the violin in her room.

But past rumors aside, Akine is known as a bully who has isolated herself from her peers.

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Akina dreams of applying to a school with an orchestra, but her amateurish playing and lack of musical knowledge affect Aono significantly.

This becomes a reason for the two to become friends, their teacher suggests that Aono try to teach Akine to play the violin, but this is opposed by Aono.

But the pair spend time together, and they soon learn to understand and help each other, until finally, Aono is excited to play again.

Ao no Orchestra Characters & Voice Actors

Ao no Orchestra Characters & Voice Actors

Here are some of the characters in the Ao no Orchestra anime and their voice actors:

  1. Ritsuko Akine (Ai Kakuma)
  2. Hajime Aono (Shouya Chiba)
  3. Nao Saeki (Shinba Tsuchiya)
  4. Haru Kozakura (Minako Satou)
  5. Ichiro Yamada (Makoto Furukawa)


Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that the anime Ao no Orchestra season 2 has been informed and is in the production stage.

So it probably won’t take long for the release information to be available.

And it’s even better to watch the first season again, so that when watching the sequel later we will remember more and enjoy the storyline more.

If there are any updates or official announcements regarding this Ao no Orchestra anime, the information will be announced again soon through this blog.

Stay tuned!

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