Working!! Season 4 Release Date, When Will Show?

Working!! Season 4

Working Season 4 has had very high hype until now from its fans, they are always curious about how the story will continue and are looking forward to the arrival of the newest season.

Working or also known as Wagnaria!! was a manga project originally written by Karino Takatsu. The Manga project started in January 2005 until November 2014.

Managed to write up to a total of 13 Volumes for the manga series. Because it was so popular, it then got an anime adaptation that was worked on by Studio A-1 Pictures. Successfully produced up to three seasons with 13 episodes each.

From the debut of the first season to the third season, it always gets a positive response. It premiered on April 4, 2010, through its third season and ended on September 27, 2017.

The season-to-season debut of the anime Working!! this is always successful, as evidenced by the consistent increase in rating each season.

The first season got a rating of 7.65, the second season got a rating of 7.82, and the third season got a rating of 7.96. Very cool right? this is the reason why until now the hype is still high and many fans are waiting for the continuation of the storyline.

This anime, which uses the theme of life in the workplace or workplace, is also combined with the romance and comedy genre, which makes it have an interesting plot and not be monotonous. This is also one of the keys to the success of the anime Working!!

The question is, will there be a continuation of the Working!! season 4? When is the release? So, for those of you who are curious and want to know about the latest updates regarding this anime, please just take a look at the following full discussion!

When is the Release Working!! Season 4?

When is the Release Working!! Season 4?

Studio A-1 Pictures as the official party that runs the anime adaptation project has yet to provide the latest information update regarding when the working season 4 anime will be released. Even so, if one day there is information regarding this, we will immediately provide the latest update here!

It seems that almost all of the manga produced by Karino Takatsu has been adapted into anime. Reducing the possibility that there will be a continuation for the fourth season.

Even so, there is still a possibility for the Working Season 4 anime to appear. It is possible that currently, it is in an independent project to produce the storyline first.

After everything is ready, then proceed to the anime adaptation project stage. To be honest, looking at the quality and success of each season, the rating increase seems to be a positive signal for producing the continuation of the story.

We predict that there will be Anime Working!! Season 4 will most likely be in 2024 or 2025. We’ll see how it develops!

What is The Plotline of Working!! Season 4?

What is The Plotline of Working!! Season 4?

Because of his love for small and cute things, Souta Takanshi cannot disappoint the child-like Popura Tanesha when he recruits her to work at Wagnaria.

Wagnaria is a family restaurant located in the Hokkaido Region. Popura is older but looks younger than Souta Takanashi.

Even so he also quickly learned to be more vigilant. Especially against Yachiyo Todoroki who is a head chef with strong intimidation skills.

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One who often gets intimidated is Jun Satou, who is a sous chef. As for other characters such as Hiroomi Souma who is a manager of a restaurant, Kyouku Shirafuji, and there is also a waiter named Mahiru Inami.

Many exciting stories happened at this Wanagari Restaurant. There are always exciting and interesting events every day with the unique personality of each worker!


So, that’s a complete review of our working season 4 anime. Hopefully, this is useful and can become a new reference for you to know more about the development of this anime. That is all and thank you!

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