Sansha Sanyou Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Sansha Sanyou Season 2

Sansha Sanyou Season 2 is one of the comedy anime that fans have been waiting for. Anime series of Sansha Sanyou was so popular in his time because the storyline was really interesting.

Sansha Sanyou or also known as “Three Leaves, Three Colors” was originally a Manga project written by Cherry Ara. First published in February 2003 and ended in volume 14 in January 2019.

While the anime adaptation itself was worked on by Studio Doga Kobo, successfully producing up to 12 episodes for its first season. It premiered on April 11, 2016, and ended on June 27, 2016.

The first season’s debut of the anime Sansha Sanyou was quite successful. Given the many positive responses obtained. Also with a high rating of 7.10.

Sansha Sanyou uses the theme of school life wrapped in an entertaining comedy genre. This is why the debut of the first season was much loved and received high ratings.

The question is, is there a continuation of the Sansha Sanyou Season 2 anime? When will it be released? So, for those of you who are curious and want to know how the information is updated, please refer to the discussion below!

When Will Sansha Sanyou Season 2 Release?

When Will Sansha Sanyou Season 2 Release?

Studio Doga Kobo, the party that produced the anime adaptation, has yet to provide clarity regarding whether or not there will be a continuation of the second season for Sansha Sanyou. So we still don’t know when it will be released. But if in the future there is information about this, we update will be for you!

If asked whether or not Anime Sansha Sanyou gets season 2, of course, it’s worth it! For anime that aired in 2019 and got a rating of up to 7.10, this is a good project.

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Looking at Project Manga itself, up to 14 volumes have been collected from 2003 to 2019. In stock, there should still be a lot of storylines and more than enough to be used as an anime adaptation of Sansha Sanyou Season 2.

However, the official has yet to provide any information. Or maybe they are preparing the project secretly? No one knows.

If it is true that one day the Sansha Sanyou Season 2 anime will appear, we predict that it will be ready to be released and broadcast in 2024. Let’s just wait for the information update in the future, yes, for valid news!

What is The Plotline of Sansha Sanyou Season 2?

What is The Plotline of Sansha Sanyou Season 2?

After their condition changed entirely from being very spoiled to being downtrodden or poor due to the bankruptcy of his father’s company, Youko Nishikawa had to make peace.

Youko Nishikawa is a girl who is a student in junior high school. He was always treated special in his family when he was still successful. Making her personality form as a spoiled child and like a princess.

But after everything changed, from being rich to being poor, Youko Nishikawa had to struggle to change her personality.

One day, when Youko Nishikawa was eating alone near the forest, he met a man named Futaba Odagiri and Teru Hayama.

Futaba Odagiri is a transfer student whose character is very energetic. while Teru Hayama is a girl who looks innocent but with an extreme personality.

It’s extreme because he can surprise with a sudden cruel personality. Despite their unique personalities, Youku Nishikawa starts a friendship with an amazing beginning.

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At that time they started to navigate through exciting and spontaneous adventures like the life of junior high school children. This is the beginning of this exciting story of three girls!


So that’s the latest information about the anime Sansha Sanyou season 2. Hopefully, this is useful and can make you know how this anime is progressing. That is all and thank you!

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