Hikari no Ou Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Hikari no Ou Season 2

Hikari no Ou Season 2 is one of the anime that you must wait for the continuation of the storyline. Suitable for connoisseurs of anime series with the fantasy genre.

Hikari no ou is an anime that comes from the light novel adaptation. Written by Rieko Hinatan and illustrated by Akihiro Yamada for a total of 4 volumes.

Studio Signal MD is working on the animation project. Directed by Junji Nishimura and finally got the license to run officially from Crunchyroll.

The first season of this anime aired on January 17, 2023. Until finally stopped broadcasting on March 18, 2023, with a total of 10 episodes. This anime is a Fantasy genre where the dominant storyline tells about the King of Fire Hunters.

On the MyAnimeList site, Hikari No Ou itself gets a relatively good rating at 6.5. For those of you who are curious about the storyline of the first season, we recommend watching it on the official anime streaming platform!

The question is, will there be a follow-up project for the Hikari no Ou season 2? So, for those of you who are curious and want to know the latest information updates, please refer to the discussion below!

When Will Hikari No Ou Season 2 Release?

When Will Hikari No Ou Season 2 Release?

Until now, there is still no update on the latest information from Studio Signal MD as well as the producers of the anime series regarding whether there will be a second season or not. Even so, if in the future there is an update of information about when it will be released, Timeture will provide the update!

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Hikari no ou itself comes from the adaptation of the light novel which totals 4 volumes. To find out what’s next, you can see it from this side. Almost all of the storylines from the light novel have been used for the first season.

Meanwhile, the status of the light novel stopped producing status on September 3, 2020. This indicates that it is unlikely that there will be a continuation of the anime adaptation for the second season.

Even so, we never know what will happen in the future. The animated series can continue. Let’s just wait for the latest news from the Official about this Hikari No Ou Anime!

What is The Plotline of Hikari No Ou Season 2?

What is The Plotline of Hikari No Ou Season 2?

In the distant future, human civilization will no longer revolve around fire. But it makes human biology change which becomes afraid of fire. The war that keeps recurring leaves human trauma to Fire. Just being close to a fire could cause people to spontaneously catch fire.

The result is that human civilization is slowly collapsing. Until finally finding an alternative fuel source, namely fuel that comes from the blood of the Fire Demons. This is also at the same time the background for the formation of an elite fire hunter organization.

This organization played an important role in the advancement of the industrial revolution. Touko who is a young girl and lives in a remote village once went wandering into the forest. In that forest, there was an incident where he stumbled and accidentally entered the middle of a battle between the Flame Hunters and the Flame Demons.

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The Fire Hunter saves Touko who is badly injured after the battle with the fire demon. Which made the Fire Hunter die. Before he died, he told Touko about his dog’s name, Kanata.

Feeling saved, Touko is ultimately responsible for the death of the fire hunter. Touko took Kanata’s and the Flame Hunter’s belongings and went to return them to the town where the Fire Hunter lived. This is where Long Touko’s journey is exciting and stalked by dangers from all around to fulfill her task!


So, those are the latest information updates regarding Anime Hikari No Ou Season 2 from Timeture. Hope this is useful and See you soon!

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