The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2

Shinka No Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei or in English “The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made” will continue to Season 2. When will the release date of The Fruit of Evolution season 2?

The story of Seiichi Hiiragi and Saria will continue in its new world after the first season was produced by Studio Feel and Studio Children Playground Entertainment. This studio is known for the Remake Oru Life anime, as well as several anime such as Oregairu, Dagashi Kashi, and much other anime.

In the first season of The Fruit of Evolution, the anime project was helmed by director Yoshiaki Okumura, and writer Gigaemon is handling the script for the series.

The Fruit of Evolution Season 1 anime ends on December 20, 2021, and has a total of about 12 episodes. As for the Blu-Ray version, it will go on sale on January 31, 2022.

Although brought with a slow storyline, the anime The Fruit of Evolution has a very interesting story, especially in The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 which brought Seiichi to become a teacher of other reincarnated students. So when is The Fruit of Evolution Season 2?

When Will The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 Release?

When Will The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 Release?

Unfortunately, until the last update, there was no further information from Studio CHildren Playground Entertainment or for Studio Feel and other related companies.

After being officially confirmed, we will update and update this article regarding the information on The Fruit of Evolution Season 2.

However, seeing from the last sequel when it was shown the continuation of the story is quite clear and describes the story from the upcoming season 2.

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In the last 12 episodes, there is a short cutscene with the next story arc where Seiichi will become a teacher, Saria becomes a student, and Seiichi’s partner also goes with him.

What is interesting and most awaited is probably the part when Seiichi will meet his school friends, especially Seiichi’s close friends will also see significant changes to the current Seiichi.

What is The Plotline of The Fruit of Evolution Season 2?

In the last episode of The Fruit of Evolution Season 1, Seiichi is shown to have defeated many monsters with his creations. This attack immediately makes Seiichi level up to become very OP.

After the incident, the Headmaster of the Barbador Magic Academy then realized the spell and recruited Seiichi to become a teacher at his school which was located in the neutral zone.

Seiichi’s response or invitation was of course not wanting to leave his harem, and then all his harem friends would also come with him to the Magic Academy.

Saria and Lulune could become students, then Artoria Greem could become an instructor, and Origa would become Seiichi’s assistant.

This next story is more or less the same as Arifureta’s flashback which will return the main character to his friends and then save them.

In the magic academy, various protagonists appear, for example, an arrogant noble named Teobolt of the Kaiser Empire. There were also nobles from the Kingdom of Wimburg, the first prince Robert Illoas Wimbug, and the second Prince Geonis Gardian Wimburg, and First Princess Lattice Tia Wimbug.

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Later Seiichi will train students from the academy and compete with the heroes in the Kaiser Kingdom, but for some reason, Seichi’s class is placed in one of the most problematic classes in the school, class F.

One of the young punks named Agnos Passion later dressed up as a Yankee in the style of the Tokyo Revengers anime, and even wore a Pompadour.

Seiichi works with a female teacher named Beatrice Rogeuna as his assistant, then Seiichi is assigned to the “failure” group and their talents must be developed.

The bigger problem is that the student can’t use magic at all, so Seiichi will use his cheating abilities to help activities at school to reach the top.

Then how about the continuation of The Fruit of Evolution Season 2? Will Seiichi experience bullying when he becomes a teacher like what happened before going to isekai?

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