Kakushigoto Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Kakushigoto Season 2

This time we will discuss the Comedy and Slice Of Life anime, Kakushigoto Season 2.

As we already know, like most anime, Kakushigoto itself was adapted from a manga with the same title by Koji Kumeta, which was first published in 2015.

After bringing the first season of 2020 to a close, fans are wondering if a new season will ever come out. and how is the prospect about the update?

Therefore, we have collected some information for all readers, along with the discussion!

When Will Kakushigoto Season 2 be Released?

When Will Kakushigoto Season 2 be Released?

Article Update on May 8, 2024

Kakushigoto’s first season premiered on April 2, 2020, featuring 12 episodes, finishing airing on June 18, 2020.

Immediately after its release, Kakushigoto mostly received rave reviews from the audience.

As for Anime Kakushi season 2, the official party has not provided any confirmation regarding the update.

Considerations Whether There Is Season 2

Considerations Whether There Is Season 2

The first season finale of the show Kakushigoto conclusively convinced the audience that this show had ended the conflict, by presenting a touching story depicting a very sweet relationship between father and son.

Even so. As you know, the Kakushigoto anime originates from a manga created by Koji Kumeta, the first season of the anime series only adapted around 6 to 7 volumes out of a total of 12 volumes, so it is clear that the manga series still leaves several volumes for the Kakushigoto anime.

And considering that the Kakushigoto anime is currently getting a score of 7.99 on MyAnimeList, it’s very likely that Kakushigoto Season 2 will be renewed in the coming year.

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What is The Plotline of Kakushigoto Season 2?

A hipster district is a place for Kakushigoto to hide his identity, in this place, there is no manga to be found in bookstores.

Kakushigoto is a popular manga artist whose work is quirky and not intended for children.

He has been in this job for a long time, but after he had a daughter named Hime he decided to hide his work identity. Because of his achievements later Hime will consider it humiliating.

He always leaves the house every day after business, but then changes into casual clothes, these free clothes have become a habit to get inspiration, and vice versa when he goes home and meets hime he wears business clothes again so that he is considered an office worker normal.

Together with his Team, Kakushi Goto will ensure that his secret is not revealed to his little daughter Hime, and he will do his best as a father to support Hime. and the story begins!

Thus the discussion regarding Kakushigoto season 2, I hope this information is useful, we hope that this anime will be announced soon for the renewal date so as not to keep the fans waiting.

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