Mashle Season 3 Release Date, When Will Show?

Mashle Season 3

Fans of anime series are certainly familiar with one of the popular anime titles Mashle or Mashle: Magic and Muscles. The anime, which quite captivated the hearts of anime lovers, aired at the beginning of its appearance in 2023, with a fairly good rating, and was successful in the second season. This makes fans hope for the presence of Mashle season 3.

Of course, the question that is often asked is, will we see this Mashle later? Let’s find the answer by reading this article thoroughly.

Will There Be a Mashle Season 3?

Will There Be a Mashle Season 3?

Before being adapted into an anime, Mashle was originally a Manga series. The manga is the work of Hajime Koumoto, while the anime version was produced by A-1 Pictures studio.

Although the Mashle anime series that aired on April 8, 2023 – July 1, 2023 has ended after 2 seasons with 12 episodes each in both seasons, the story in the Manga series still leaves a lot of material to be adapted in the third season.

This has led to hopes for a sequel or Mashle season 3.

There are several plausible reasons why fans of the Mashle anime are eagerly expecting its continuation. The following is a summary of some of these reasons.

1. Popularity and Rating

One of the indicators of an anime’s success is its rating and popularity. If the rating is high enough, it means that the anime is indeed quality and worth watching.

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This anime with the Action, Comedy, Fantasy, School genre is able to attract the attention of many viewers, even those who were not too fond of anime before were interested in watching Mashle.

Based on the site MyAnimeList, Mashle season 2 received a rating of 7.84 out of 10. This good enough rating and popularity is already a strong enough reason to continue the sequel.

2. Available Source Material

Ratings and popularity may not be the only reason for a production studio to make a sequel. However, this Mashle manga still has enough story material to be adapted into a sequel.

3. Sales in All Sectors

The last reason that might be a consideration to give birth to a sequel in the anime world is its fantastic sales figures.

If the sales of manga, anime DVDs, as well as revenues from various streaming platforms show positive results, it is very likely that the anime will get a follow-up season.

With impressive sales, both the writer and the production studio will make huge profits.

This is certainly an incentive to continue the story in the next season. There is potential for even greater profits from the sequel.

When Will Mashle Season 3 be Released?

After the success of the second season, it didn’t take long for the Mashle season 3 anime to be confirmed to air soon.

The continuation of the Mashle anime is indeed highly anticipated by many fans, to see the culmination of the story of this anime.

On the MAL website we can see details about Mashle season 3 which is titled Mashle (Zoku-hen). Although it has been confirmed, but only a little information that we just got.

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The Mashle season 3 announcement video can be seen below:

Mashle Characters & Voice Cast

Here are some of the characters in the Mashle anime and their voice actors:

  1. Mash Burnedead (Chiaki Kobayashi)
  2. Lance Crown (Kaito Ishikawa)
  3. Dot Barrett (Takuya Eguchi)
  4. Lemon Irvine (Reina Ueda)
  5. Finn Ames (Reiji Kawashima)


Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that Mashle season 3 has been confirmed, but there is still no information about the airing time.

It probably won’t be long before the sequel is released, so let’s wait together.

While waiting for the next season, it is highly recommended to read the main manga, in order to get more detailed and interesting information that is usually not contained in the anime version, given the limited duration.

And it would also be better if we re-watch the previous season so that we can clearly remember the storyline of this Mashle Anime.

If there are updates or official announcements regarding this Mashle anime, the information will be announced again soon through this blog.

Stay tuned!

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