Drifters Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Drifters Season 2

Are you an anime lover who is waiting for news and when the Drifters Season 2 anime will be released?

If so, of course, you know that anime that carries a story about a samurai, namely Toyoshi who is caught in a battle, is cool.

The Drifters anime which was released on October 7 2016 was successful and aired on the Tokyo MX channel.

The anime that tells about this war in its first season has 12 episodes. Each episode always provides an incredibly gripping and dark plot plus gloomy graphics too.

When Will Drifters Season 2 be Released?

When Will Drifters Season 2 be Released?

Article Update on May 21, 2024

In 2017, the related party, namely the Drifters anime, namely Funimation, made an official announcement regarding season 2 of the Drifters anime.

The announcement contains plans for the Drifters season 2 anime which will be released on October 7, 2017.

However, we are now in 2024, which has already passed 7 fall seasons. News related to when the release of season 2 of the Drifters anime has not yet appeared.

However, the fans are still waiting for information on the continuation of this anime.

A little review about the anime drifters tells Toyohisa Shimazu as a samurai who is dying on the current Sekigahara battlefield.

Ditinya is dying and suddenly transported to another dimension full of magic.

Later Toyoshita will meet many knights from the previous era. Later they will fight which is done to survive in that dimension.

This anime, based on the manga by Kouta Hirano, is currently successful in its first season.

So, not a few are waiting and looking forward to the continuation of Toyoshita’s journey and hope that the second season will be released soon and there will be official information regarding the release date for Drifters season 2.

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Even though there is currently no new information regarding the release date and time for the Drifters anime, this anime is worth waiting for.

So, let’s wait for the latest information and we will also provide updates regarding the release date soon.

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