5 Anime Main Characters Pretending to be Weak

Anime Main Characters Pretending to be Weak

Anime characters with superpowers are common, but did you know that some anime main characters pretend to be weak, usually characters like this are always underestimated by other characters around them.

But what they don’t know is that most of them are strong and talented people, and usually, these kinds of characters tend to beat their opponents easily.

Anime characters like this don’t only come from the action anime genre, there are also anime from other genres as long as there are competitions for strength or talent, then what anime main characters pretend to be weak?

Anime The Main Character Pretending Weak

On this occasion, we will discuss the anime of the main character pretending to be weak, let’s just go straight to the article below.

1. Trigun

This anime tells about the figure of Vash the stampede along with two agents named Merly Stryde and Milly Thomson, Vash is a former dangerous person on earth.

In the past, Vash was a ruthless criminal who always created chaos and destruction, but over time he realized his actions and realized his mistakes, and tried to live a better life.

2. Samurai X

For you anime lovers, of course, you are no stranger to Kenshin Himura, the main character in the very iconic and popular anime Samurai X.

This anime tells about a Kenshin person who is very feared by many people.

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But who would have thought that this figure of his was the most feared person for several years, kenshin decided never to kill and started living his life normally like people in general.

3. Nurarihyon No Mago

This anime tells about the dreaded and dangerous stealth clan and tells the story of the 3rd generation of the Nuura rikuo clan, rikuo is a stealth that is different from the other stealth in the clan.

Rikuo doesn’t want to become an evil demon, he prefers to be a figure that protects humans Rikuo also changes his figure to that of an ordinary human, he can only maintain his human form in just 6 hours.

From there the adventure that calls for starts when many demons disturb Rikou’s friends, and Rikou struggles to protect humans.

4. Kage Kara Mamoru

Kage Kara Mamoru tells about Mamoru from the Kagemori ninja clan who must protect Yuna, a girl who comes from the Konnyaku family.

The kagemori family carried out the vows for the konnyaku family more than 400 years ago.

Since childhood, Mamoru and Yuna have become good friends and the two families live next door to each other.

Mamoru is a geeky and quiet person, but behind all that he is a great ninja and always protects Yuna from any attacks.

5. Nejimaki Seirei Senki

Is an anime that tells about the war between the Katjvarna country and the Kioka Republic, the story is about a stroke follower who is a lazy youth.

However, he has extraordinary powers similar to his father’s. His father was a warlord who was famous for his genius on the battlefield, but in the end, his father died because of betrayal.

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One day, he went to save a princess named Chamile Kitra Katvarnamaninik who came from the Katjvarna kingdom, and thanks to his efforts he was made a knight of the kingdom.

That’s an anime where the main character pretends to be weak that you can tell, how interesting is it not for you to watch? Hope it is useful. That is all and thank you.

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