Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Grand Blue Season 2

Studio Zero-G is currently teasing its fans not to announce the latest series from Grand Blue Season 2.

Thousands of fans around the world are currently looking forward to watching the continuation of this comedic action presented by Kimitake Yoshioka.

Even so, until now there has been no confirmation stating that Grand Blue Season 2 is being developed.

Grand Blue is a comedy anime inspired by the popular light novel series written by Kimitake Yoshioka.

After its release, this anime became very popular among young children today.

While he also does good business for his animation studio, Zero-G has taken its time to raise green flags.

However, will Grand Blue Season 2 come out? Many fans are currently trying to convince the continuation of season 2 of this series.

They have now started creating a petition to support the anime Grand Blue from getting a sequel soon.

But it seems too soon to press charges at this time. No US television show has had an anime series take long enough to return to screens.

Several anime such as One Puch Man, Log Horizon, and several others anime are only four or five months away from getting a sequel.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for Zero-G to take time to make new rules.

Also, as per the information we have, Studio Zero-G only has a few projects slated for 2020.

Therefore, there is a possibility that he will pick up Grand Blue Season 2 afterward.

Despite that, Zero-G is not known as a sequel maker other than One Room Second Season which was taken over from Typhoon Graphics Studio and has yet to start a sequel of its own.

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However, considering the huge amount of popularity of the Grand Blue anime at the moment, the company could break the record this time. We will notify you if we get the latest information from them.

The light novel series from Grand Blue first started in 2014, and to date, fourteen volumes have been published.

Including the newest one and Volume 14 which was released in November 2019 yesterday.

Grand Blue Season 2 itself will include 5 volumes from the next LN. More than enough resource material is left for the continuation.

Even in the remaining episodes, you can still get the third season.

As mentioned above, the upcoming anime will cover around 5 volumes of the next LN series. Because for the first episode, it can be started by adapting the sixth volume.

According to the plot of the next book. Grand Blue Season 2 will be much more interesting than before.

People who might get into the Oumi Women’s University school this time.

The girls’ school will be holding a festival featuring a special voice actress concert. However, things are going to get complicated as there are only a fairly limited number of tickets.

Because of this, the men will compete against each other to decide who gets the entry ticket.

On the other hand, the relationship between Iori and Chisa might improve. Toward the end, the group will travel to an uninhabited island to camp.

In addition, there are new characters in Grand Blue Season 2. The newest characters will most likely include Iori’s younger sister, Shiori Kitahara.

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A middle schooler might bring trouble into his older sibling’s life. On the other hand, the list also includes Kanako Lida’s sister Kaya Mizuki as well as the presence of an event that will affect the otaku Kohei Imamura.

When is Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date?

When is Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date?

Article Update on May 25, 2024

As for the release date of the Grand Blue Season 2 anime continuation, until now there has been no official information. That said, Studio Zero-G may make an announcement sometime in 2020.

Even so, the making of the video for Anime Grand Season 2 is no sooner than mid to late 2025.

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