Kaizoku Oujo Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Kaizoku Oujo Season 2

Kaizoku Oujo Season 2 is one of the anime that is highly anticipated to continue its storyline in 2021. This anime has a historical theme that is fun to follow.

It’s been a long time since the first season ended, and many fans of this anime are still waiting for the continuation of the storyline. Kaizoku Oujo, also known as “Fena: Pirate Princess“, was produced by Studio Production I.G.

You need to know that this anime is also the result of a collaboration between Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. Meanwhile, the original maker of Fena Pirate Princess is Kazuto Nakazawa.

For those of you who like the Adventure, Historical, and fantasy anime genres, the Kaizoku Oujo anime is suitable for you to watch. It proved successful in its first season debut and earned a fairly high rating on the MyAnimeList site, namely at 7.08

The question is whether there will be a continuation of season 2 of Anime Kaizoku Oujo or Fena: This Pirate Princess. So, for those of you who are curious and want to know how the information is updated, please refer to the discussion below!

When Will Kaizoku Oujo Season 2 Release?

When Will Kaizoku Oujo Season 2 Release?

Kaizoku Oujo Season 1 ended with a total of 12 episodes which premiered on August 15, 2021, and last aired on October 24, 2021.

It has stopped long enough but there is still no latest information update from the official regarding the continuation of the second season. The lack of information sources from this anime also makes it difficult for us to find the latest data.

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It seems that until now there has been no sign of the continuation of the second season project. However, if one day it comes, Kaizoku Oujo Season 2 will likely be ready for release in 2024 or 2025.

If there is updated information regarding when and when the exact release date, I will update this article regularly. Please be patient in waiting considering that there is very little latest information from Anime Kaizoku Oujo.

What Is The Plotline of Kaizoku Oujo Season 2?

What Is The Plotline of Kaizoku Oujo Season 2?

Kaizoku Oujo or Fena: Pirate Princess tells of an orphan girl named Fena Houtman who lives in the 18th century.

About a decade ago, a shipwreck tragically separated Fena Houtman from her childhood friend, Yukimaru. Not only that, but the tragic fate also befell Fena because there was an incident that also caused her father to die.

Now that Fena is 23 years old, she is trapped on a mysterious island which makes it difficult for her to live. Until finally, he sold himself to men to survive.

One night when Fena had to be forced into a marriage by one of her clients, she decided to run away from that situation. Luckily, suddenly there is an acquaintance who helps Fena to escape.

They rushed towards the open sea until they finally landed on Goblin Island. It turns out that this island is even more mysterious and famous for the island where clans of ferocious warriors live.

It was on this island that Fena learned about the final journey that made her father die. It turned out that Fena’s father was looking for a place called “Eden”

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Armed with a crystal, Fena is assigned to find out about the mystery of “Eden”. It is said that Eden is also an important part and must be protected by Fena. Besides that, only Fena could find and do it at the same time.

This is the beginning of an exciting journey to unravel the mystery of Eden. Fena’s journey is certainly not easy because there will be dangers lurking along the way!


That’s all the updated information from Anime Kaizoku Oujo Season 2. Hopefully, this is useful and can be a reference that answers a little of your curiosity. Thank you and goodbye!

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