Baki Season 4 Release Date, When Will Show?

Baki Season 4

Maybe for us anime fans, of course, we are very loyal to wait for good news about the release of Anime Baki season 4. Yes, of course later on in System 4 we will see our favorite character named Baki Hanma will challenge his father, the strongest person in the world of martial arts.

For you fans of this anime, maybe you will be a little happy because here we will discuss when the Baki season 4 anime will be released, for those of you who are curious, you can listen to it below.

When Will Baki Season 4 be Released?

Anime Baki Season 4 has officially been confirmed to air and be released in 2021, and it is planned to be titled “Baki: Son of Ogre“.

Baki season 4 is a direct sequel to Baki: the Centennial Tournament Saga, and is planned to start adapting from Baki’s Hanma manga series.

In season 4, the story will focus on the story of the main character, Baki Hanma, when he will challenge his father, the strongest fighter in the world named Yujiro Hanma, also known as an ogre in the world of martial arts.

The first 2 seasons of this anime, it was created by the animation studio TMS Entertainment, where this studio is also known as the creator of several anime such as detective Conan, mega lo box, fruit basket season 3, and also several other anime.

For the first two seasons, this anime was directed by Toshiki Hiraro, and also the character designs were handled by Fujio Suzuki, and the scriptwriter himself the Baki anime was written by Tatsuhiko Uruhata.

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The main staff from studio TMS entertainment will return to produce season 3 but there will be some new additions including a character design named Singo Ishikawa.

Therefore it is possible that most of the main staff from the TMS entertainment studio will be one of the staff who will return to produce this Baki anime in season 4 and it is also unlikely that some staff will be changed.

Maybe that’s all the discussion this time about When will Anime Baki Season 4 be released? I hope this discussion can provide a little information for you anime lovers, especially Baki anime, in conclusion, thank you!

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