Yesterday Wo Utatte Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Yesterday Wo Utatte Season 2

Yesterday Wo Utatte season 2 is an anime that is still eagerly awaited today. Included in one of the works published last Spring 2020 for its first season.

Yesterday Wo Utatte also known as “Sing Yesterday for Me” is a manga project in the beginning. Written by Kei Toume and has produced a total of 11 manga volumes and additional short stories.

The first manga project was published in 1997 and ended in 2015. Then get the anime adaptation project produced by Studio Doga Kobo. Successfully produced 12 episodes for its first season.

The first episode of the anime series aired on April 4 2020 and ended on June 20, 2020. Apart from the main episode, this anime also received the addition of 6 other short stories.

The debut of the first season can be said to be quite good progress. Get a 6.88 rating on the MyAnimeList site from 130 people who rated it.

Anime Yesterday Wo Utatte uses the theme Love Polygon and is combined with Drama and Romance Genres. Makes the storyline interesting and suitable for those of you who like typical anime drama romance.

The question is, will there be a sequel to the anime Yesterday Wo Utatte season 2? When will it be released? So, for those of you who are curious and want to find out the latest information about this anime, please just look at the full discussion below!

When Will Yesterday Wo Utatte Season 2 Release?

When Will Yesterday Wo Utatte Season 2 Release?

Studio Doga Kobo as the official party that produces the anime adaptation, has yet to provide any clarity or confirmation regarding whether or not there will be an anime Yesterday Wo Utatte season 2. However, if in the future there is information about when it will be released, we will provide an update here soon as well.

Judging from the background of this anime project, it is the result of an adaptation of the manga’s work. Now the status has stopped with a total of 11 Volumes and additional short stories.

This seems to indicate that the Yesterday Wo Utatte anime project has stopped, aka it is no longer being continued. Most of the storylines have become anime adaptations for the first season.

But that all comes back to the Official Party, maybe one day this anime will be reborn. If so, we predict that this anime might be released in 2025.

Let’s just wait together until there is official confirmation from the Official regarding whether there will be a continuation of the anime Yesterday Wo Utatte season 2 or not in the future!

What is The Plotline of Yesterday Wo Utatte Season 2?

What is The Plotline of Yesterday Wo Utatte Season 2?

Tells of a man named Rikuo Uuzumi who has given up on his bleak future. He decided to work without having a goal of what to do next.

Works at a convenience store located in the city of Tokyo. Rikuo worked after he graduated from college. His life was so monotonous that in the end someone slowly changed him.

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The presence of a figure named Haru Nonaka who is full of enthusiasm, often stops at Rikuo’s workplace. Seeing each other often, they eventually became friends.

Until one day Rikuo heard the news that a college friend he liked named Shinako Morinome had come back to Tokyo City.

Unbeknownst to Rikuo, Sihanako turns out to be carrying a painful memory from the past, which makes her hold back her feelings.

At the same time, Haru always tries to open up to Rikuo. The past lingers long in his mind, and the future remains elusive. The three of them are forced to learn how to let go of past feelings and embrace the changes that tomorrow will bring!


So, that’s the updated information about the anime Yesterday Wo Utatte season 2 from Timeture. Hopefully useful and can be a new reference for you. That’s all, thank you and see you soon!

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