When Was The First Anime Made? Here is The Explanation!

When Was The First Anime Made

When Did Anime Begin?? You must be a little curious about what anime first appeared in our country itself. Questions like this are often encountered, especially among fans of Japanese or anime cards.

Anime itself is a moving image with a simple quality but produces very high-quality graphics considering its development. Then you must also be curious about the anime that first appeared and what is its history.

When Was The First Anime Made?

When Was The First Anime Made?

1970 Anime itself comes from the Japanese language, namely Animation, which is written in katakana in Japan. So, the first anime appeared and was made in 1907 which had a very short anime duration. This animation only depicts a boy raising his hat as if paying homage.

1917 – 10 years later in 1917 came the first animation made by Oten Shimokawa. The anime comes with the title Imokawa Mukuzo Genkanba No Maki. This animation has a duration of 5 minutes, and it is claimed that the production period takes quite a long time, namely 6 months for 5 minutes.

1927 – If previously it came from the country of Sakura, now it is the United States that presents an animation update with a sound that matches Japan. In 1972 Japan also began to present an animation that had developed rapidly, namely Noburo Ofuji. Here, Japan has started to get serious by presenting a lot of progress in terms of graphics, and stories, and adding duration to songs and sound.

1943 – In the following years it continued to grow until it entered the era of World War II. This is where Japanese anime began to enter its era of popularity, which began to be known as legendary anime which is very famous today. Momotari no Umiwashi in 1934 and followed by Momotaro – Umi no Shinpei in 1945.

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1963 – This period was the period when Japanese anime began to be known throughout the world and made it a well-known icon. This anime is an anime from Osamu Tezuka, this anime even has English subtitles and is even broadcast in the United States. Even the Astro boy anime is considered an anime that can open a big gate for the anime industry in Japan.

The First Anime to Appear in Indonesia

So, anime entered Indonesia itself in 1970. And the first anime to appear in Indonesia was Wanpaku Omukasi Kumu Kumu, the anime was broadcast on the TVRI channel.

The more developed the number of TV channel stations, the more and more anime will enter Indonesia. And the anime that managed to get a very good response in Indonesia is the Doraemon anime which is broadcast on RCTI even now.

In 2000, other TV stations followed in the footsteps of RCTI’s success with Doraemon, and SCTV embraced Samurai X animation. From there, Japanese anime began to dominate TV screens in Indonesia. You must have seen some Japanese anime like:

  • Captain Tsubasa
  • Hachi
  • Ghost at School
  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Whitsle
  • Hikaru No Go
  • Tokyo Mew Mew
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Collector Yui
  • Nubes
  • Slam Dunk
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • Naruto Shippuden

And many more, until now even the progress is very rapid. Even now Japanese anime has a very high potential market where you can watch it on cinema screens in Indonesia as well as the one that has recently become a topic of conversation, namely “Weathering With You” by Makoto Shinkai.

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