What Is Meant By Comics?

What Is Meant By Comics?

Maybe some of you are familiar with comics, comics that contain pictures and are much liked by children and adults.

Maybe many of you think that comics are just reading for children, even though comics have their types, and of course, you also don’t know what comics mean.

What Is Meant By Comics?

What Is Meant By Comics?

So, this time Timeture will discuss what is meant by comics, and we will also discuss some important points about comics. Then what is meant by comics? Here we discuss this in the article below.

1. Understanding

According to you in Indonesian, comics are illustrated stories that are easy to understand and funny, usually, comics are found in a magazine or made in book form, while in general comics is a medium that has the function of conveying stories through an image.

2. Characteristics of Comics

Just like other comic books, comics have various readings such as fiction and non-fiction, while the characteristics of comics are as follows:

  • Proportional in nature, that is, comics can make the readers emotionally involved when reading a comic, and it is as if the reader is taking part in the story in the comic and being the main character.
  • Conveying a story or message through pictures and language is of course very different from works of fiction and non-fiction which only convey the story in writing.
  • Language, the language used in comics uses language that is easy to understand and usually uses everyday conversation so that it is very easy for readers to understand the contents of the comic.
  • Character, The character used in comics is usually described simply, this makes it easier for readers to understand the characteristics of the characters in the comic.
  • Humor, in comics also provides humor that is more easily understood by its readers, usually, the humor depicted in comics is what often happens in people’s lives.
  • Heroic. In every story or even comic, of course, the main character or one of the shops in the comic has the feeling or attitude of a hero.
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3. Types of Comics

Just like other works, comics have various types and are divided into several categories as follows:

Based on Media

  • Comic Strip is a comic that consists of only a few panels, but when viewed from the contents of the comic it has revealed a complete idea, and Karen only presents a few images of ideas that are not expressed too much.
  • Comic Book, this comic book is a type of comic that is packaged in book form and is usually in the form of a comic series and one book title that has several endless series.

By Type of Story

  • Promotional Comics, these comics are made only to promote an item or product.
  • Wayang comics are comics that tell about wayangs such as Ramayana, Krishna, Mahabharata, and others
  • Educational Comics, namely comics function to entertain but also include education.
  • Silat comics, namely comics featuring several battle scenes such as Naruto comics, One Piece, and others.

By Genres

  • Adventure comics, these comics are the most widely read because they tell exciting adventures
  • Children’s comics, namely comics that contain fruit, everyday life, or about animals.
  • Comic Biography, tells the history of the hero in comic form.

That’s the meaning and types of comics that you can know, hopefully, this is useful. That is all and thank you.

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