Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date, When Will Show?

Sword Art Online Season 5

Sword Art Online Season 5 is one of the anime that fans have been waiting for. It’s been about 3 years and there is still no latest update from Aniplex studio about when the next season will be present and ready for release.

Until now the hype for SAO is still very high and it is still very much awaited how the storyline will continue. How do you think it’s going? Has the project already started or maybe not at all?

Timeture will try to review and provide the latest news about when the anime Sword Art Online season 5 will be released to you.

However, this is only a prediction and is not official news. However, if there is official news from the producer’s studio, we will provide an update as soon as possible in this article. Here’s the full review!

Will There Be Sword Art Online Season 5?

Sword Art Online Season 5 When Will it Release?

Will there be or not season 5 of the popular anime SAO? This is a hot question that many fans have been asking for a long time. Still curious about the clarity of whether or not this exciting isekai anime exists.

There is still no latest official news or information from the Producer Studio which says that this anime will be available for the continuation of its 5th season.

Even so, it is still very possible that one-day Season 5 of SAO will come soon and be ready to be released.

If you consider terms of popularity, it is enough and in terms of rating, it still has a high number. So in our opinion, Sword Art Online is still worthy of getting a continuation of the story in its upcoming Season 5.

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Sword Art Online Season 5 When Will it Release?

Since there is no news about the clarity itself, we can’t provide detailed information about the exact release date. If in the future the producer announces when it will be released, we will update it here.

Currently, we can only give his predictions. We predict Sword Art Online Season 5 will be present in 2024. Considering that previously there was a pandemic that might hamper the production process so it had to be postponed first.

If it is continued and will be produced for the continuation of the next season, the most likely and optimal time is at the end of 2024 or once in 2025. Remember this is just a prediction from us, not official news that could be wrong.

So just wait until there is official news about when it will be released from the official. We will update here soon!

So many reviews about the clarity and predictions of our SAO Season 5 Anime. Hopefully useful and we hope to answer a little of your curiosity. For other anime information, you can read on our blog. Thank you!

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