Seikaisuru Kado Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Seikaisuru Kado Season 2

Seikaisuru Kado Season 2 is one of the anime that is also highly anticipated by its fans. Seeing that the debut of the first season was quite good, will this anime get a continuation of the storyline?

Seikaisuru Kado, known as “KADO: The Right Answer“, is one of the anime projects worked on by Toei Animation. It succeeded with a total of 12 episodes which premiered on April 7, 2017. Until the last episode aired on June 30, 2017.

A little additional information, Seikaisuru Kado received a manga adaptation with the title Seikai Suru Gift: Aoi Haru tu Railgun which was released on March 22, 2017. The contents tell the events after episode 5 of Seikaisuru Kado.

This anime received a fairly positive response and received a rating of 6.74 on the MyAnimeList site. Using the Supernatural and Thriller genres makes it an interesting and fun storyline to follow.

The question is whether there will be a sequel to Seikaisuru Kado Season 2. When will it be released? For those of you who are curious and want to know how the latest developments and information are, please refer to the following discussion!

When Will Seikaisuru Kado Season 2 be Released?

When Will Seikaisuru Kado Season 2 be Released?

Studio Toei Animation, which is the producer of this anime, has yet to provide any explanation about whether there will be a second season or not. Considering that the last thing that was produced was the film series entitled Kado: Beyond Information. However, if in the future there is an update of the latest information about the second season, we will update it here soon!

The last work related to the Seikaisuru Kado anime is Kado: Beyond Information which is a Movie version. With a total duration of around 120 minutes and aired on May 22, 2018.

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Maybe there isn’t any continuation of the storyline considering that it’s been about 5 years and there’s still no updated news regarding the continuation of the second season.

However, it is still very mysterious. The lack of information makes it difficult for us to find out how this anime is progressing. Will there be a continuation of the next season or have you stopped with the movie version of the anime ending?

One day Toei Animation may release a second season of the Seikaisuru Kado anime. We look forward to the official information updates in the future!

What is The Plotline of Seikaisuru Kado Season 2?

What is The Plotline of Seikaisuru Kado Season 2?

Kojiro Shindo, who is a Cabinet Director General of Policy Planning, was at Haneda airport on a business trip.

When the plane that was boarded by Kojiro Shindo was already on the runway, suddenly a mysterious giant building appeared. Fortunately, this incident did not cause Kojiro Shindo and 251 other passengers to have an accident.

After everyone got off the plane, a figure appeared. Like a man who then informs everyone that the plane is not in danger.

Shindo asked the man to explain who he was as well as explain what situation was currently happening. At that time, suddenly the same message appeared on everyone’s cellphone screen.

The message read “I, Yaha-kui zaShuninan, wish to inform all of you that I will interfere in Japan’s internal affairs”

What does all this mean? Actually what happened? Everyone was confused and felt scared and confused. Actually, what is the motive of this Mysterious Man?

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Will it bring disaster to Japan in the future? This is where the beginning of the exciting story begins. What do you think will happen?


So, those are the latest information updates regarding Anime Seikaisuru Kado Season 2 from us. Hopefully useful See You!

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