Re-Main Season 2 Release Date, When Will Show?

Re-Main Season 2

When will Re-Main Season 2 release? This anime is about the problems Minato faces as he tries to return to the sport he once excelled in.

This Re-Main focused mostly on recruiting new members to the water polo team, as we learned that they were severely understaffed.

Another highlight lies in the introduction of new members of the water polo team. Besides the boisterous team captain Jojima and enthusiastic underclassman Minato, three other students decide to join the team with Minato.

My personal favorite of the three, Yoshiharu, is very shy and soft-spoken. On the other hand, Takekazu is the same tough and confident character as Jojima.

Naturally, this caused them to clash and resulted in an impromptu competition to determine who got the ‘guard’ position. Minato takes on the role of ‘shooter’ in the match.

When Will Re-Main Season 2 Release?

When Will Re-Main Season 2 Release?

Its first re-main is available to watch on Funimation. You can also vote for it as Episode of the Week in our poll.

Unfortunately for the continuation of Re-Main Season 2, MAPPA still has not provided information about the project. We’ll just have to wait for further information.

We will update further information about Re-Main Season 2 here.

Last season, the competition ended with Jojima coming out on top and getting the role of goalkeeper.

This is where we get a little insight into why Takekazu is motivated to join the team. He hopes to find success in the minor sport, having spent time as a bench warmer on his baseball team.

We also get a short montage that shows us a glimpse of the other members’ motivations. It will be interesting to see this explored more deeply throughout the series. The characters are quite likable so far.

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But a good background would be a great way to give them the depth I needed to invest in their sporting activities.

Re-Main Season 2 shows us the start of a solid water polo team. While most characters have a long way to go when it comes to skills, they have enthusiasm. Seeing how they improve throughout the series will no doubt be a satisfying experience.

However, until now, the team still lacks one member. Jojima is eyeing a potential player, but will he be able to convince him to join? We’ll have to wait until the next season to find out.

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